This is NOT today. Just needed some sun. Needed some fresh air and a different view.

This photograph was taken on our last outing before lockdown mode started way back in March.

Back then Covid was a headline but still only one of a number of main stories. It was very much carry on as usual and nothing to see here. A handful of National cases but everything was apparently under control. The Government insisted that Lockdowns would never be required here due to the countries world class response.

So on this walk we had taken the dog with us. A new local walk. In my mind I was planning to return the week after. Drop Hawklad off at school and 15 minutes later I could be running along this track.

But the first tell signs were already starting to appear. As we approached field gates Hawklad refused to touch them. I was asked to try and open them using a stick. When we got back home we both had to wash our hands for minutes. Full change of clothing required.

A couple of days later our family lockdown started. Then one more week later the national lockdown started and schools closed.

Our world shrank and the remains that way today. This wet and windy January day. Seems a very different world now.

60 thoughts on “March

      1. Jiminey Cricket On A Motorscooter!! How the Hello Kitty is he supposed to get over his germ anxiety if he can’t get vaccinated?? 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
        Hopefully when the Nurse can make visits again she can make a case for him. Maybe even do the injections herself.🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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  1. It is crazy how things have changed in the past year. I can’t believe the things we were doing this time last year, and when it all started we thought we were just making a few changes for a couple of weeks. Here is hoping we can start to take that path back to something kind of normal in the next year!

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  2. The picture is so beautiful, so filled with light. And we must believe that the light will return and it will, to all of us and especially to your little family. It might take a while but it will. My warmest hugs to you and Hawklad.

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  3. thanks to our new POTUS , we are finally getting federal restrictions, not more state by state control..i , for one, am grateful to finally feel like something is being done cohesively here..fingers crossed. First dose vaccine down, 2nd one coming up..praying we can finally turn the corner now that the orange child is out of office..

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  4. Our family lockdown started on my birthday, March 11th. The day the WHO declared a global pandemic and the first Irish covid fatality occurred. Don’t see us being out of lockdown for my next birthday. But maybe in 2022 I can dream of a party for my 45th?

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  5. Your post reminds me how lucky I am that so little changed for me. I am one of the lucky ones, retired, automatically isolated. How can I tell anyone to cheer up? I can’t even imagine the torment. But I do think of everyone in such difficult circumstances and i do care.

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  6. March 1, 2020, my youngest son took me out for a celebratory birthday dinner. Ten days later the pandemic was announced. Though it was claimed with much bravado that the virus affected “virtually nobody,” and it would go away “like a miracle,” I have to wonder what will arrive first – my next birthday or US death totals reaching the half million mark.

    The world has changed and not for the better for the most part. So many family members and friends gone; so many relationships irreparably broken.

    We no longer trust because we’ve been lied to far too many times.

    Vaccines now exist, but it seems to take more brain power than most governments collectively posses to get them to the population. (That could just be a U.S. issue. *Snark*)

    As more details come to light, politics, along with grift and greed have been prioritized over human lives for financial gain and power. (Again, a US-only struggle?)

    2020 was the nightmare that had us all looking forward to 2021 and a return to “normalcy.” However, less than thirty days into the new year, and we’re learning 2022 may be our banner year for a return to certain freedoms, but 2019 was the last time we’d see “normal?”

    Ironically, 2019 was the year I lost my husband and my mom. Who knew those would be “the good old days?”

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    1. 2016 for me ❤️ I remember a few weeks before the pandemic kicked off going to a family member and watching as everyone crowded round a birthday cake with candles on. Someone with a cold blew them out. Then the cake was passed around, hand to hand. How odd that seems now.

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  7. Yup twilight zone material

    We just never imagined – we should have … but we didn’t so whatever…

    Here we are now. Is ok… think of it like this…

    The world was a caterpillar 🐛… the world needed change… it did actually. So nature handled that. In the meantime the caterpillar went into a cocoon …

    And that is where we are now… we are still in the cocoon…

    One day we be butterfly 🦋 and be free again and take in life again…

    The world is realigning ✌️

    It is adjusting our lives.

    Little better to see like that. Just be prepared for the 20’s to be a little difficult but only momentarily

    And if you can get through everything else so far – you can totally handle this… you guys are doing good.

    I know is hard to be so isolated ☹️ it won’t be forever – everything has an ending ✌️

    I’m sorry so hard on you but you are safe and alive and not infected ❤️✌️

    Actually thought you are stronger than you take credit for so there is that too. ✌️

    Wait for the butterfly 🦋

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  8. We’re coming upon the second anniversary of my husband’s death, and my son commented that it seemed like it had been longer than that. We realized that it was because the world has changed so drastically since then. It’s a whole new reality

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