Well that’s a first. I’ve been looking out over these fields for 20 years now. Never seen flood pools appear on this side of the field. The temporary field lake has friends…

We all need friends.

The pandemic is effecting everyone especially our children. Yes schooling has been disrupted but there is something far more important. For almost a year those all important childhoods have been largely put on hold. Fewer opportunities to meet up with friends (in many cases absolutely no friend contact). Stringent limits. Sports and hobbies frequently cancelled. Cinemas and play areas closed. Opportunities to explore and push boundaries prohibited. No holidays. No trips out. Too much timed cooped up with parents.

9 months and counting. That’s a sizeable chunk of childhood. They don’t get that time back…

That’s so sad.

78 thoughts on “A first

  1. Yes my son is so depressed. His word to describe these days: “excruciating”. His progress has stalled. We had plans for him to go to shops on his own etc by last April. He also misses the pool plus going out to eat. He wants to try new foods that I can’t cook! Also he desperately wants a friend. I’ve tried to suggest he make some online. Our local autism charity is setting up “virtual play dates”. But he’s anxious about interacting with new people and refusing to give it a go. I hate to see him so sad.
    My daughter, on the other hand, absolutely loves lockdown. No pressure to leave the house or interact socially with anyone. Sometimes my kids are like chalk and cheese.

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  2. They also didn’t get bullied or made to feel inadequate. They didn’t have to stress over missing socks. They got to spend time with their parents and families and surviving this year will be a great story to bore *their* children with in the future 😂😂💌💌💌

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      1. I do try to glean positives from the peripheral, other times I use Byron Katie’s The Work, 📝 and then there’s always resorting to the thought of chocolate 🍫 as a reward later for not killing anyone. 🤬

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  3. This is something I do know a little about. As a child I was taken to SE Asia. For reasons I don’t understand I was not sent to the French lycee where I would have learned the language quickly. Instead I spent a few months at an American school where I did not fit it and then I spent a year not at school at all and with no friends. My brother was left in England. It was a very strange time. Unfortunately what followed did not help me to develop friendships so I have always been a loner, but the year of missed schooling made not one bit of difference. Children are resilient. At least they have technology to play with and stay connected. I know it is particularly hard on Hawklad but hopefully most will be OK

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  4. Yes, my heart hurts for the losses but hoping as others here to see them bounce back. And, perhaps, they will carry some wise insights with them for it.

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  5. Yes the impacts on school years I think will become more and more apparent in the years ahead. The same regarding peoples mental health. Truly been a difficult time. Some many firsts. Lovely photos.

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      1. Yeah… at least they weren’t accustomed to everything being done for them! At my doc appt, the computers went down and no one knew how to revert to paper! I haven’t been billed and my never be!

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  6. I agree. What weighs on me a lot is the lack of social interaction. But like someone posted above, children are resilient and let’s hope this stupid pandemic is behind us soon.

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  7. Well it is sad to us because we know what WE had… and the exciting things WE experienced

    Is different generation – they know different. This is their current reality.

    They do lose out on some amazing coming of age experiences.

    I don’t have to worry about where she is or what she is doing – I know that … so buys me some time before boys enter the picture ✌️ there is a bright side somewhere lol

    And she finds ways online to connect with her friends – with video games and chats and Google meet, etc… she is always laughing up a storm with them!!

    They have all remained tight and close and speak everyday … literally every day

    It’s the situation and who knows how long will be… so you just make best with what have and able to…

    He likes video games right… cause that’s a window 🪟 … do you play?

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      1. Well me sorta too… I don’t like playing anything online on the computer… I like to usually just do my own thing

        But on a video game console – I do not mind “online” … but I don’t say anything and I don’t chat… and the most I ever play on console is fun games – nothing scary overwhelming or competitive – I don’t do shooters or sports

        I like cute things like Harvest Moon 🌝… or Star Dew Valley…

        I also like Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Spyro, maybe driving games (racing)

        And Minecraft & Terraria…

        So I am more of an old school cutsie gamer

        Back in the day I loved Mortal Kombat – the bloody version lol … I used to be more into gaming but just haven’t been in awhile

        But those are typically mine … my kids will play anything and my daughter will have me play “Among Us” with her and her friends lol … thats online – I play with them lol

        Do you play with him?

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      2. Oh.

        For me I am only uncomfortable because I don’t know who the other people are. So I just don’t really like that, and the genres for that are not really my thing except sometimes Nintendo things lol ✌️😘

        Well let him do his thing.

        I have a music game I play with my family ❤️ … it is fun.

        You should come play with me… you would love it – I promise I’ll be easy on you lol … you will definitely win your genres lol

        Come play with me…

        It’s called Song Pop 2 … come play with me!! I promise you will love it and get addicted – yes please

        But you decide – do if you want to. I’m just saying it be fun! I hope you have it there I think you do, come see… you can check it out and not tell me and then you decide and I tell you my id or whatever they do?

        You like music 🎶… come play with me 🙏

        Song Pop 2

        That be for you … let him ease into what he is ok with. If he doesn’t like or want, that is ok.

        But you come have a little fun with me… just try it.

        Let’s see who owns it? Lol I am teasing – I am trying to egg you on because I want that lol ✌️😘

        It will make you smile and lighten. It be fun. But again … you just let me know. Lol ✌️

        I challenge you lol ❤️ woo hoo!! Come do that with me! 🙏

        But again go ahead decide yourself lol… I just get excited for that one actually ✌️

        You don’t have to play with anyone else if you don’t want to? But to hone in on skills it’s sometimes good lol ✌️

        Ok well you check that out lol ✌️ just let me know

        If he likes music too – he may love that also?

        You will get lost in the music. It’s like name that tune

        Ok well I will keep talking about it so there it is. ✌️

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      3. Well you kinda know me? Sorta… And is only for music… you can only play with me if you want … you don’t have to do it with anyone else if you don’t want to.

        You weren’t direct lol … I am not sure if you will play with me or not?

        I won’t put you on edge… I promise.

        You should step out of that comfort zone of yours – cause you are sad to be locked away

        So why not try another way to unlock? I know you would love it.

        You make me beg lol 🤔

        Come play with me ❤️ give me 3 chances ok? 3 times… and if you do not totally love after playing with me 3 times then you no longer have to play.

        Just 3 times … first time you will be nervous and not want to, be unsure of me lol… Is ok I am chill and fun… that’s all. I am playful

        The second time you will get better feel… and by the 3rd time you will know if you like or not. You be either in the groove or not lol

        But is ok if not, but maybe you try it with me? For 3 times. And that’s it. You can lock back up if you want.

        Just come back to life with me for 3 times 🙏❤️

        But ok you decide and then be direct with me. It does not hurt my feelings if you are direct because otherwise I think I still have a chance lol

        But you have to say directly no.

        Because I think you would have fun for one minute. Is nothing more than music so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

        You can even download the app and I think you can practice by yourself? I can’t remember? But you could at least look at it. That’s all

        I hope you play. It would be fun. And I’m actually not scary lol … strong but not scary – but I’m also gentle… I work with loss so … I’m chill

        It’s a really cool game and I think we would have fun – but I’m guessing you do not want to or do not feel comfortable doing so?

        And that’s fine too 🙁 lol … yes little sad face because it would be fun. And I think would be good for you ? I think you would really love it.

        But whatever – I say that … you choose

        I understand being on edge with people don’t know – I am same way… but we don’t have to use 💬 chat… it can be only music… however you want. I’m ok with all that. Just strictly music is ok with me. However you want… that’s all I want anyway is the music game.

        And it sort of be like a tiny step outside your world – you always say you wish for contact or change … so come just play 3 games with me

        Is like name that tune, but when you go it messages me that you have taken your turn and it’s now my turn…

        When I am able I will go take my turn… and then it will message you.

        So technically you can just do it whenever you want.

        And is no pressure – just a fun music game

        I am so sorry – I am Catholic – we are very good at guilt trips lol … but at least I am honest always!

        I am only playful that’s all… so I do hope you play. Just 3 times and that can be it. No more and I will never ask you to play anything else 🙏

        Ok I have to go ✌️ be direct it’s ok. You can tell me no

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      4. Yay!! 👏👏

        My name on there is Tilac

        It is T for Trisha and Cali spelled backwards lol ✌️

        If you hit start new game and search for user by user name and then type mine … it should come up?

        Yay I’m so excited ❤️👏

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      5. Ok … why do I have the feeling you will make me wait.. and then forget.. and then will never happen lol

        But I will wait patiently lol – don’t forget me!

        I won’t even talk to you it can just be the music game. But if you are uncomfortable – that’s ok you don’t have to. I just thought would be fun.

        If it stresses you out – I don’t mean to do that – so if you are uncomfortable don’t worry it’s ok

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  8. Now that Biden has mandated masks on public transportation and other public spaces, and is actually organizing a vaccine rollout, I am hoping that we may finally turn a corner. Looking at old pictures, it seems like people might have been more cooperative 100 years ago during the flu pandemic

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  9. Yes, I feel especially sad for my son, as it’s his senior year in high school. No sports games, dances, probably no gradation. They are definitely getting cheated out of important milestones. 💕

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