And finally the rain stops. For the time being….

We needed something for the house. Where we would normally buy it from is out of stock and is unlikely to be getting any new ones in any time soon. It was a similar story in the other online UK stores. Amazon was a similar story. Finally I found an option from a German Store. But here is the new post Brexit reality.

The store were most helpful. If I had ordered the item before we left the EU delivery the store would have added £20 delivery to the £300 item. Now the store had to warn me that another UK customer had just been charged an additional £140 in Customs Duties and Tax. The store had also had to increase the delivery charge to £40 to cover the additional bureaucracy they had to deal with.

Well I’m not paying that….

So we will just have to do without it until some UK stores manage to source some stock – eventually.

Please tell me just one benefit we are getting from Brexit. So far the best one I’ve seen is from the pompous moron who is the Leader of the House of Commons. He said that apparently “The key is that we have our fish back. They are now British fish and they’re better and happier fish for it…..”.

This is the politician who claimed he had more common sense than the victims of the Grenfell Tower Disaster. Our PM kept him in the Government……

What a monumental prat and what a monumental mess….

74 thoughts on “Costs

  1. I never understood what the point of Brexit was. What was supposed to be good about an island, that can’t produce everything needed by it’s people, isolating itself more.
    I always thought the EU was a good thing🤷🏼‍♀️

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  2. See… now I do not share your rift …because I suddenly seem to have a pretty decent leader – one who does not make me panic every time he says something ❤️

    It’s glorious 🙌❤️❤️❤️

    What you need? – I can probably get easily here in America unless it’s a British thing ?

    Did you try American sites?

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      1. Yeah, but we had to go through hell and back to get him lol ✌️

        You watched our implosion lol – you saw what we went through …

        Does he F up royal? Mine did

        Your things (Brexit and your leader) are confusing to me.

        Somewhat… I kinda understand but they confuse me

        Is your leader hated like mine was? I would have to watch him for awhile and see how he does. I just don’t have the time to do that … there has been a lot going on over here!!

        And your Brexit… what are any good points of Brexit that people voted for?

        It seems like how I have had to kinda do??

        Start from scratch on your own… so it is gonna be crazy bumpy!! But if you people are strong … you will do it… it’s going to take quite awhile though to become your own superpower ✌️ you have to build that. You will need a lot of change.

        You can’t separate and then just stay the same. Become your own. Now you have the power for that.

        Right? Do I have it right? Do I see it correctly?

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      2. Well like “me” you have to learn how to make own decisions. It’s like you used to have a parent and now you have none… so sink or swim.

        It’s new, it needs time to grow… won’t be perfect right away. You have to melt in. It’s a shake up – you aren’t melted properly yet lol 😘✌️

        I’m sure it will eventually get better. But there will be growing pains and issues like those taxes 🤨

        And saving money… government and corporations do not know how to do that.

        I have to save money for my location. 🤨 it is not easy. I have to budget carefully.

        I can’t imagine doing that for a whole country 😮

        And like I said – government and corporations have no idea how to save money. 🤨 and then there is also red tape – you have to cut through stupid red tape for tons of things!! So yes that will be a struggle – your new situation will need time to stabilize. But it will.

        Hopefully you get to vote for a new leader again soon? Also hope you took lessons from the Americans with politics lol ✌️ be careful who you pick.

        So bad stuff kind of expected – if they told you sunshine and rainbows then they lied.

        But if you stand back and watch over time – it will find its footing and it’s probably for the best? Plus really though – you can be anywhere you want – can’t you? Well when there is not covid.

        I hope your bad stuff gets better ✌️😘

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  3. Tell that to the fishermen with boats registered in NI who can no longer land their catches in Donegal. Or the Scottish lobster fishermen who can no longer export as cheaply or easily to France. Happy, rotting, British fish.

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  4. I’m all in favour of happy fish, though I doubt they know the difference, but what else made Brexit so vital to so many? Do the rich benefit in some way? I suppose that’s the key to the whole thing. Everything I hear just makes me mad. I can’t imagine how the average person in Britain feels.

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  5. Apparently their latest genius advice to business owners who are struggling due to Brexit is as follows: just move your business to an EU country! Great, thanks for that. I’ll just pack up my stuff, hire a guy in a white van and see you on the other side! 🙄

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