Too often I can’t see the wood for the trees. I’m looking but my eyes are shut.

Focusing on stuff that will probably never happen. Still hoping to walk down paths that are closed. Looking out into a landscape which is grey. Trying to find new adventures to find colour in life, but too often failing.

But then….

Two feet from the front door. Just a little bit of colour. Just a little bit of hope.

Just needed to open my eyes.

84 thoughts on “Open my eyes

  1. Good to feel positive about a [Negative] again, so “Woohoo!” Plus it has snowed in Wales and that looks pretty, so “Woohoo!” Also, I can taste my coffee “Woohoo!” and will have breakfast like normal. 🍽
    Therefore, without further a do and for all the “Woohoo!” because why not indeed, I give unto thee:

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