It’s cold. Bracing on the hairy knees.

I remember my old grizzly rugby coach during those freezing cold evening midweek training sessions. Shouts of

“It’s like summer”

“Stop whinging, a bit of frost bite is good for the soul”

“Your not a southerner GET THOSE #£###%%@@@ GLOVES OFF…”

If you were found wearing gloves, hats or even a training top it meant trouble.

“Take them #@@@%%#### OFF and do 20 press-ups, then sprint round the pitch twice”

Today looking over the fence at the ice I definitely won’t be running round the pitch or doing press-ups. Will just grasp my hot drink just a little tighter. Think of memories. Many good ones. Some sad ones. It’s no surprise that the sad ones make me feel just a little bit colder.

I can remember walking across a field just after I had lost my partner. Wandering aimlessly across a snow covered field having just dropped our son off at school. Looking back and only seeing one set of tracks.

Yep grasp that hot cup just a little bit tighter.

64 thoughts on “Cold

  1. One of those days… it’s okay to visit the past. The good and the not so good, but yes, hold that cup, be here, now. Look forward, but not too far. Look at the beautiful Sun!
    And look in your comments… there’s a bunch of warmth there!

    Adding my HUGS to the group!💌💌💌💌💌

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      1. Been a lot worse doesn’t mean you aren’t bad (per my experience). Are you reading other blogs or locked down in your own funk (when I get in a bad place, I post like crazy but don’t have mental “room” for reading)?

        I clearly long for a break/escape. Can you think of any way to get one in the current world? Mine has become the stupid HappyColor app… I do their touchscreen “paint” by numbers like an addict because it’s giving me some kind of break from reality. My brain can think on things without getting weighed down.

        Maybe you can find something online, or VR, augmented reality, use Teams to meet with someone you like instead of the school, roll around in one (or all) the field puddles, do my homework (worth a try), etc… anything to break your routine!?!

        Seriously, I would love to help you. I’ve been in that spiral and it SUUUUCKS!!

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