It’s been wet. Very wet. Many places round here could do with a dry spell. Just look at the flood warning list.

But here’s the thing with a lockdown. Normally I would be moving about . Witnessing the rising waters. Driving through the floods. Going shopping and working in the rain. The raincoats getting a real hammering.

But that’s not the case now. House and garden bound. When it rains I just go inside. The only need for a raincoat is if it starts to rain when I’m doing exercise in the garden. It’s the same for Hawklad. I was in the process of buying him a new coat just before the family lockdowns started. He had almost grown out of his coat back in March. I dread to think how small it is now. But currently no need to worry about that.

Might as well wait until he needs one. He’s still shooting up. I bought him a new school jacket at the end of February. To replace the slightly battered and rapidly getting too small, old one. It arrived the week we started our lockdown. It remains in its plastic cover. UNUSED. I suspect that almost a year later and it will now be getting a little snug on him. With no imminent prospect of needing it, we can officially say that

It was £60 well spent…

31 thoughts on “Well spent

  1. I understand your frustration. It’s the same here. My grandson got the full winter gear for school, only to wear it a couple of weeks. Now when the school reopens, it’s soon going to be warm for it.

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  2. Like the new Doc Martens boots I bought my daughter a week before the first lockdown. She has hardly worn them and now outgrown them. She hasn’t actually stepped foot outside the house yet in 2021. Not because of covid but because she can’t be bothered.

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  3. That sky…😍 Any money I might’ve saved on clothes for HRH has been spent on chalk. He’s going to need new shoes when school starts again, but I think his Auntie left a pair of Chucks here that will fit him😉
    But, that sky…🥰😍

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  4. I suppose it would be unreasonable to expect to return an unused jacket for credit on a different size? Some other lad will certainly be needing it, after all. I hope floods are not something you have to worry about?

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