The sun setting on another school at home day.

The schools are still kind of shut. Open for essential worker parents. They have been for a few weeks now. In that time not much has been done. The Government’s great pupil testing plan has been thrown into chaos. Any child who self tests negative is good to get into the classroom was the plan. Apparently a plan not approved by the medical agencies. But that’s ok as the teachers had been trained up as health experts. But that’s it. No great push to make the classrooms safer. No change to mask policy for pupils. No drive to establish a robust national homeschooling alternative.

But again that’s ok. Our schools are perfectly safe we are told. Parents are found to reinforce the message. Photos are issued of half empty, modern classrooms with lots of social distancing. Unfortunately when the classrooms fully reopen that won’t be the reality for many. Full to bursting classrooms, no social distancing, antiquated facilities with little meaningful ventilation. But it’s ok as children don’t get covid bad apparently. This is clearly NOT backed up the Government’s own statistics service(ONS). The following shows the percentage of patients who suffer significant covid for longer than 5 weeks

17% at age 17-24

15% at age 12-16

13% at age 2-10

Everybody wants schools to open as soon as possible. The Government want them open so parents have no excuse not to return to work. The economy needs a few sacrifices. Others want schools to open safely so many of our kids can learn and socialise. That means changes to schools and education. Creating space. Changing practices. Offering a well established homeschooling option. Even the Government’s own scientific advisers are arguing for this. We are still waiting….

At present Hawklad is able to access all of the lessons virtually. It’s working ok. Unfortunately the school has confirmed that once schools reopen again they will have to switch much of the online system off. The Government currently wants as many pupils to return to the classrooms as possible. Homeschooling options would potentially discourage many parents and pupils from doing this. Don’t want to let people make up their own mind on things like education.

It’s as if the don’t trust us….

47 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I agree, there is no one answer for all kids. They all have different needs. It would be great, yet still unheard of, for each students needs to be assessed for successful classroom learning!

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  2. What better way to indoctrinate kids then to require all of them to go through the same school system.
    We have a university in our province that welcomes homeschooled students. Looking for self motivated divergent thinkers.

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  3. All of us can agree covid is killing economies, but better those than people – economies can be rebuilt. Most industrialized countries have survived wars, depressions, and recessions and come back even stronger. But suddenly, keeping the economy propped up is more important than the health and safety of the population simply because it isn’t profitable.

    Sometimes, I really hate it here.

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  4. Gosh! What a mess this is. Most of all since the new mutant virus cannot be eliminated when kids are sent to school. This back and forth and contrary information is so nerve-wracking.

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  5. It must be really annoying for the government to have to deal with the masses. It’s so cynical. Pandemics happen and we were due…surely some thought should have gone into procedures…what am I thinking…

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  6. I so knew this post had something to do with the government even before I read it. It was the word ‘trust,’ only you surprised me at the end. I’m sure you did a ‘trust’ post before. So I thought it was going to be more about not being able to trust the government. Surprise ending. ๐Ÿคฃ Lovely photo Superdad. โค

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  7. It’s not that they don’t trust you, but that they want to rule you. They are not democratic leaders, they are autocratic despots. Only they know what is best for you, and your children! Tell them to go take a flying leap into Loch Ness.

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