A beautiful start to the day. Early morning. A time for reflection and renewal. The perfect time for yoga and meditation.

Well that’s the plan.

The reality was somewhat different. A creaking, stiff body. A sleep deprived mind and a cat. Yes that cat. The big boy. The biggest cat on the Vets’s books. Yoga is too much of a temptation for him. Great for him. Not so great for yoga practice. Not the greatest photos. Too dark. Cat way too close. Trying to hide my exposed short covered legs….


102 thoughts on “Cat….

  1. Gorgeous sunrise!! I wish you’d gotten more sleep though, and missed the pretty.
    Cats and dogs think anytime we get on the floor, or move, it’s an invitation to play or an offer to give loves.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ He’s a cutie! And I bet he makes you smile😉💌💌💌

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      1. She is so ickle as she was a prem’ baby, due to her mother being found by the side of the road from a hit and run. The vet rescued all of them, including the mother and here we have a lovely sweet kitty.

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  2. Thank you for concealing your legs. I am still traumatised by the sight of charliecountryboy’s legs in the bath. He is currently working his double act with Sooty the glove puppet again – so much better behaved than cats. 🙂

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  3. My dad once wrote a short story about a man exercising, using a 70s contraption called a “Roll Fit”. He eventually got too hot and took all his clothes off. His cat became very interested in what it thought was a hairy….mouse on the exercise mat. And bit it. Long short story but the chap ended up with two broken legs. Hopefully that will never happen to you!

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  4. Cats…they will dominate everything if they choose to. Mu first cat used to help me with my exercise routine, but one day it got him too excited and suddenly I had a large black cat attached to my right arm, kicking like a bunny. I was shredded! Still have the scars where he sank his teeth into my wrist. I don’t know what made him go mad. I screamed and somehow hauled him off and then he got this look as if to say “Oooohhh…did I do that?” It sort of scared me, but he never did it again. He was actually a lovely cat! I like your boy. I love anything furry.

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  5. They truly are beautiful, adorably unique animals …

    Whenever I observe stress in the facial expression of my mother, a typical senior, I also observe how that stress drains from her face and is replaced with joyful adoration when our pet feline enters the room: “Hi, sweetheart,” she’ll say. And I know that countless other seniors—not to mention myself (whether consciously or subconsciously)—with pets also experience the emotional benefits of hosting a cherished pet.

    She appreciates the healthy reciprocal relationships—some animal lovers would go as far as to describe them as somewhat symbiotic—that can exist between pet animals (many of us see them as family members) and their loving and appreciative human hosts, especially physically and/or mentally ill hosts.

    Indeed, animals have a beneficial influence over humanity that many people still cannot fathom; and this beautiful reality of animals’ positive effect on their human hosts can also be beneficial to the animals.

    Besides numerous studies revealing the health-benefits to humans (their high blood pressure is alleviated, for example) when in proximity, and especially when in physical contact, with a domesticated animal, the fact is, when a cat or dog, for instance, is lovingly petted down along its back, it acts as a sort of soothing and healing massage, and that animal’s lifespan and good health increase considerably.

    Many health-care homes are already adopting cats and/or dogs to reside at the facilities, and the data available has revealed the improvement in the health of many patients since the facilities’ adoptions of such pets.

    In a June 14, 2000, Vancouver Sun article it was written that scientific proof reveals a “powerful man-beast bond that transforms lives, alleviates depression and disease, gives direction to the blind and comfort to the lonely and fills homes with a measure of uncomplicated joy that is impossible to fully appreciate until it is gone.”

    There’s been a great increase in human awareness and even the measurability of this fact since then (and likely will continue to do so).

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