I came across a really sad story. A story which those you have experienced loss will so understand.

A Walker would take her dog for a walk each day. She would often bump into an elderly couple who walk hand in hand. Often she would even see them dancing arm in arm on a bridge over a small river. Then the couple disappeared for a while. Then one day she saw the man dancing on the bridge, by himself. Clearly holding his beloved tight as if she was with him.

My heart breaks for that man.

Life can be horrendously sad yet that beautiful act of dancing with a lost partner demonstrates the power of love. Demonstrates why life can still be special.

54 thoughts on “Dance

  1. Dance is one thing, but there’s something to be said for a good fume at a partner for doing/not doing something and then laughing about it. We all need others to rub us up the wrong way, it’s the way we get mutually polished.

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  2. There’s never a time when losing a beloved partner is any easier. A long life spent together must be something to be grateful for, but the wrench, after so many years and being alone and ancient. It’s never going to be any less painful, no matter what. Touching story. Great pic.

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