What can you do in 30 minutes?

Maybe go for a paddle in a flooded farmers field

Maybe play a game couple of games of Top Trumps

Maybe listen to one side of a vinyl record

Maybe do a quick yoga session

Maybe have a shower

Maybe take the dog for a walk

Maybe watch one Simpson’s episode

What can’t you do in 30 minutes

Play a half of football

Cut the grass

Read a chapter of a book

Play a game of Trivia Pursuit

Listen to a cd

Watch an episode on the X-Files

Cook Lunch

What do I have to do this week in 30 minute?

Have 7 online teacher video chats to discuss Hawklads performances, challenges and his future. That’s a crazy thought…..

50 thoughts on “30 minutes

      1. Not at all. I wish the system was set up to help you more. You could probably skip half of those meetings and spend that time more appropriately on the areas of need. IF the teachers would listen though. Uggghhh.

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  1. Can you say “No”? You could embellish it with “Nope” or make it just once a week, putting your foot down with an authoritative voice “For my mental health and my son’s, I’m going to keep these video chats to once a week”… In any case, it would mean you taking control and calling the shots, maybe?

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      1. My son taught me that if you write something along the line of “If I haven’t heard from you by this time next week, then I will assume your cooperation and agreement”. We all can set deadlines you know, it’s not the privilege of the few.

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    1. What is important to one person, is not important to another person. Children are persons.
      Q) For what does it benefit a person, to win a race with no prize worth having?
      Q) What is worth striving to have?
      I know what my answers would be, they will always include kindness, resourcefulness and self compassion. I would not say it is some of the useless information most schools put up on pedestals, but I refer back to opening statement.

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