A moment of quiet contemplation between the mayhem. A penny for his thoughts.

I wonder if it was ‘in a few minutes I get a chance to really bark at the shopping delivery driver’.

Well he needed patience today. Definitely late delivery.

We are so fortunate to be able to book a weekly food delivery. Ok what comes is a little random but it so helps during these strange lockdown days. The drivers are usually really friendly and helpful. Today it was a new driver who looked only just old enough to drive the van. About an hour late the phone rang.

“I’ve been sat outside for 10 minutes and your not in. I’ve food to be delivered.”

Sorry but you are not outside our house.

Yes I am”

Sorry I can’t see you on our drive.

‘Well I am parked on your drive”

Sorry but your not. You might be at the wrong house.

Definitely not, I’m here”

Wait a second and I will see if I can see you….. I can see you. I’m waving at you. You are at the wrong house.

No you must have used put the wrong address on the order. It says xxxxxxxxx as the address ”

Yes that’s our house address. It’s the one that has been used by the supermarket for 9 months. It’s the address to this house not the one your parked at.

Are you sure…..”

Strangely yes I am sure. I’m currently stood outside my house and you are parked outside the wrong house.


Finally the van arrived at the correct address. The food was delivered and then the deep philosophical discussion continued.

That house had the same colour door as the one you included in your instructions..”

I don’t think it does. I put on the order that our house had a white door. That one over there has a brown door.

It’s very confusing I bet the other drivers have struggled to find you.”

No you are the first to get lost.

For the future could you add some more detail to the delivery address.”

So apart from the correct address, the correct colour door, instructions on how to get to our house from both village entrances. The ones which are on the order already – what would you suggest.

Anything to make it clearer….”


So on the next order maybe I should include the door colours that do not apply to our house. A note saying that it might be an idea to check the door number on the door matches the one on the order. And listen out for the really noisy dog. That should do it…

109 thoughts on “Are you sure

  1. Our street name is a number written out. We also have a house number. So, for instance, an address might say 31 Eighteenth street. (That’s not my address). Delivers often go to 18 Thirty-first street. And, often, that is an apartment building whereas my house is, um, a house. 🙄 Maddening. 😃

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  2. I would have been so peed with that. I would have suggested to him that maybe you should have a different job because its clear to me you don’t know the area and can neither follow instructions, or observe door colour.

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    1. I’m still waiting for a birthday card my sister sent last November. All her other mail has arrived, so I know she has the right address. I guess some postal worker wanted a birthday card of their own, so took mine.

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      1. People forget things like post codes. Things go missing due to human error. Then there’s always the thought that it was in a shiny envelope, that magpies needed for their nest. 🕊 and yet it could still turn up. 💌

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      2. Mail has been known to turn up 50 years or more later. Don’t ask me how. But if it arrives 50 years from now, I will be 40 or so years dead by then. With no children, it will have no where to go but the dead letter file, lmao.

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      3. Into a multiverse put office junction, circularly shaped, and then through every single- verse, which 50 years it takes to round the circle, and come back to earth where the address is finally meaningful.

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      4. Never say never, for you might live to be 1,256 years, 4 months, 2 days, 3 hours and 5 mins (never underestimate the importance of the last 5 minutes to be kind and compassionate within). ⌛️ ⏳


      5. I experienced immortality in a poetry-novel I wrote many years ago.
        I have no need to ever live that long. In fact, no offence to you, I know that was not your intent, but to me the suggestion is threatening. I know my spirit is immortal, but sometimes I feel like my ego is too, and my ego has no right or desire to be immortal. It drives this bus, but I want to be able to transfer buses every so often. Riding the same route forever would be boring, and also unprogressive.

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      6. Ahhhh. Okay.
        Canadians don’t have accents, (unless you’re a Newfie, but then, you don’t even speak English). It’s the rest of the world’s populations that got accents. Those Welsh guys, no way to even understand them! (LoL)

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  3. I want your dog! Very funny story. We are having delivery issues too, because of the snow. I had to call one company and listened to their spiel about 35 times, a woman telling me that “in just a moment an agent will be excited to assist you!” EXCITED? When the agent came on I so wanted to tell her she didn’t sound excited but it would have fallen flat. You just have to laugh.

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  4. Gary, Gary, GARY,
    Don’t you know young people these days don’t make mistakes? They are told they are right, even when they are wrong. Their parents and teachers don’t want them to get a complex from making a mistake. Don’t challenge their perceptions of themselves…

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  5. Every time we order pizza, we all get to stand and watch the delivery driver pass our house several times before he realises his GPS is taking him to the wrong house.

    It’s an impressive achievement because we order pizza from the same place Every Week.

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  6. I fully sympathise. I dread ordering anything online cos then i get inundated with all the images of my shed that they have left whatever in. Not one is mine. AND at no point have I even said, leave it in the shed.

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    1. PS… When it’s not the shed it’s IN someone else’s door. The best was the time a book had been delivered to someone’s else’s and Amazon were cocky about it as in. ‘Can’t you just go and get it from that person?’ So I said, ‘Tell me how. She’#d been dead six months? You want me to grow wings? Fly up to the sky? Break in?’ The replacement was there the next day. ‘

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  7. You certainly have a lot more patience than I do. I have had a lot of problems with deliveries, especially Instacart, so dropped them. Even mail is getting worse if I have to shop online, which I do. I sent a gift to my granddaughter which came to my mailbox when I specifically added her name and address to “gift” order. Two days later I got an email saying, they find I changed my billing address….uh, no, I changed the shipping address….pita!

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  8. It kills me that the driver was arguing with you – as if you don’t know your own address. I’ve had that issue a time or two and have made it a habit to spell out the street name when calling restaurants because inevitably they get the street name wrong. I’m pretty sure I enunciate clearly enough….however….well, enough said.

    Absolutely love the photo of Captain Chaos!

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  9. Last week TESCO didn’t deliver at all – they had covid in the shop. This week the most bizarre of substitutions – I ordered a bag of easy peel citrus (an in what we used to call tangerines of similar). I got a net of four lemons. I can see that being a popular substitution in Julia’s lunches.

    So it’s back to ASDA in a couple of weeks – they are not very efficient, but they are cheaper.

    Good luck with your deliveries!

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      1. I tried Morrisons but got bogged down in the website so cancelled the order without completing it. I’m not, as I may have said, good with technology. Two of my sisters in law work in ASDA, one wholly on packing groceries and they tell me the substitutions are all dictated by head office, not random choices by individual pickers. |This makes it even less comprehensible.

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  10. Too funny that dude argued with you about your house😂😂 and his jacket inside out? Perfect!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    We generally only have problems with food deliveries. Not grocery, but postmates, grubhub, ubereats… that stuff. Google Maps sends them to the parking lot by our back fence. They’re technically by our house, but the front door faces the street of our address and the parking lot is on a cross street. You’d think that would clue them in.
    The Cap’n is looking handsome and sweet… so deceiving😉🤣🤣🤣💌💌💌

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  11. Oh my well, that was a pain. I have my food delivered. And I have had no issues except one. And I was doing the same thing as you on the phone with them, waving that they were in the wrong place as well. Crazy how that goes. 😊

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