There are things which I should not be allowed to do when I am are feeling depressed. Here’s are a few things that can send me spiralling downwards.

Watching my so called football team

Look at the news

Anything to do with Boris Johnson

Standing on a Lego piece

Listening to Roger Waters

Weighing myself

Looking at the bank account

Watching the first 10 minutes of UP!

Looking at my face in the mirror

Now I can add something else to that list. Going on Street View…

I don’t know how but I ended up on that App, randomly looking at a street in New York. I had been searching for Science news items. But now I was in Street View. Thats when I made my first mistake. I looked up my old childhood home town. It’s a clever app as I could effectively wander the old routes I would walk when I was young. Seeing just how much had gone and just how run down it had become really made me feel even more down.

Then the next big mistake. I looked up the town we used to stay at in Switzerland. I wandered that beautiful place. At first it cheered me up. Remembering sights and sounds. But then pangs of sadness. Reminders of just how long it’s been since I was there. Then a nagging feeling. If I do ever make it back here I’m doing it as a single parent or probably on my own. Suddenly going back seemed even more unlikely.

Now I’m getting really down.

As I navigated the streets I caught sight of a building we would always walk past on the way to the train station. A shop window I would always look at. It was a steep climb up that street and it would give my partner a chance to catch her breath. But now it looks like it’s gone. Turned into luxury apartments. That made me really really sad.

A few minutes later I was stood outside in the garden. Stood alone in the darkness. Feeling really low. Yes definitely time to start avoiding Street View.

52 thoughts on “Street View

  1. I had to tell my son to turn off street view of Barcelona after we left as I was missing it so much. Sometimes such an abrupt dose of the past can be too much to handle.

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  2. I’m so sorry. After losing both my parents and selling the house I lived in from the age of ten, I’ve lurked using Google maps and street view. It’s hard to see improvements they’ve made – evidence that life goes on and I’ll never go inside the house ever again. There’s no going back, whether I want to or not.

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  3. One of the things about memories is that they’re like pictures… frozen in time. It’s always sad to have the reality of today erase the golden glow of our memories.
    Yep… Street View for “new” places only!
    Your daffo-down-dillies are so pretty!😍

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  4. Looking back is dangerous if you are inclined to melancholia. I am and I’m not sure why but I started to write about a particular series of things from my life and down the hole I went too. It can be cathartic but it can also just be a downer. I street view too sometimes but I don’t have any nostalgic memories from those. I would say “cheer up”, but I know it has to happen in its own time. Sending hugs. XX

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  5. Oh, my, It is crazy how quickly the mood can change but I understand it so well. That is the problem with triggered memories. They can lift you up or take you even deeper down. I know, who am I to say this, but I so convinced that you will make new memories in Switzerland. We are having a deal, don’t forget about that!!

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  6. Hmmm. I am not sure that some of those things (I didn’t recognize all of them) shouldn’t be avoided ALL THE TIME . . . but . . .to each their own. I am sorry you are depressed and that Street View made you feel worse. But . . . I want to tell you, I didn’t know about Street View, I did and I didn’t. I knew that I could go to an address and choose to look at it at street view, but I never realized I could just go to street view and look at anything. Ha. Kinda like driving at something from a different direction. Interesting. Thanks. Again . . . sorry you are depressed. Perhaps it is the time of year because I have been out of sorts too . . . and for me, yes, part of it IS the time of year. I do not do well with the change in time that is approaching. I hope you are feeling better.

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  7. Oh that’s rough. Places are so tied to memory. Yes be careful with that. Some memories may be better left in the mind. Everything ages, changes, shifts or disappears and sometimes it’s not good to be reminded of that. But hope and love remain. 💖

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