The sun almost shines down on a Monday morning. So the schools are now open again.

A real media blitz is underway telling parents just how safe things are and also reminding them of the fines that can be given out for keeping children off school. The Education Secretary is talking about change. Changes he thinks are necessary. Ways to extend the school day so children learn more. Changes to the school year drastically cutting back on school holidays. Finding ways to get pupils to keep studying during weekends and those reduced holidays. Changes he thinks are long overdue.

Strangely no mention of changes to make schools better places to learn and have fun. No mention of changes to the Government’s dogmatic national curriculum. No mention of investment in home schooling. No mention of changes to the funding cuts the Government has made to child mental health services. No mention of more input from pupils, teachers and parents in shaping a better future. The only change required is clearly to make children work longer.

But what do we expect from a politician who is supposed to be in charge or our schooling system and who makes a point of having a horse whip on the front of his desk. Photo from The Guardian

56 thoughts on “Whip

  1. I would like to see him whipped, but not with a horse whip, no. A cat o’ nine tails should do quite nicely.
    But then, I look at the unhappy man in the picture, and I realize, is already whipped.
    Pussywhipped! And that is why he hates kids so much!

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  2. My son teaches in South Korea where children are driven to the work of learning literally from sun up to moon rise and beyond. He has told me horror stories about the mental health crisis this creates in the school system. They have a term for the lifestyle they live there….”Bali,bali, bali.” ….”Hurry, hurry, hurry.”

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  3. OMG…is that deliberate? I’m glad he’s not my school master. Why the obsession with making children work harder? Seems to me they need free time just as much. You learn a lot more from life than from school, in my opinion. Lots of facts at school but how many do we ever need? Bah.

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  4. This is just unbelievable. All of it, but a fine if you choose to protect your child and extending school days so children learn more ?? It seems there is lots of infringement on personal choice and rights.

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  5. What is that saying about when someone shows you who they are, believe them? Taking reality at face value is an art. Seeing something as wrong. Seeing something else as right. Maybe seeing what things work for the good and recognising bad do do and not going down that path.

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      1. I recall the times I actually attended schools. Yes one or two were co-educational comprehensives, but at least I bet yourn weren’t called Bug~brooke or Dust~on”.

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  6. It’s mind boggling! How much of our “education” have any of us used? And schools were better (slightly) back in the jurassic age. What good will it do to cram more useless facts (all available on the internet) into children’s brains??
    Is the goal to turn them into robots? Whip them if they don’t step in line?? RIDICULOUS!!
    It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious!


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  7. Madness! If I’d been the type of person to beat, whip or punish my son for not doing school work or not learning things like how to spell or memorize his multiplication tables, my son would be dead by now. I’m so very sorry for the abject and complete ignorance in charge of your educational system. How ironic.

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