It was a three cups of Decaf problem. Trying to explain Displacement Chemical Reactions to Hawklad. Problem is that it’s been decades since I last thought about them. I was clearly so out of practice.

Out of practice….

That got me thinking. Yes I do think somedays. Just how much I am out of practice in SO many areas. That’s not just in the area of Homeschooling. Lots of areas. Out of practice because of lockdown, because of single parenting, because of life.

  • Haven’t been on a bike in over a year,
  • Similarly my last run was back in March 2020,
  • Haven’t been out to a restaurant in 5 years,
  • Over a year since I watched a movie at the cinema,
  • Not experienced a Quickening in ages (That wont make any sense unless you’ve seen the Highlander movie). Quickening is the name I gave to family gatherings. The last time someone potentially lost their head at these get together was back in 2018,
  • Over 8 years since I tried my hand at climbing AND
  • Over 8 years since I tried my hand at falling off a cliff,
  • Not played team sports in 10 years,
  • Not had to give a speech at an audience in 7 years,
  • Not danced in a nightclub this century,
  • Not done any paid work in months,
  • Not been paddling in the bracing North Sea since 2019,
  • Not slept away from our house since the summer of 2015,
  • That was also the last time I went on holiday and had to look innocent on my way through passport control,
  • Haven’t had a hug or kiss since 2016,
  • Haven’t met up with friends since 2018,
  • Not ironed a shirt in a year,
  • Not packed an elephant sized amount of gear into a school bag in the same time.

So yes I’m definitely out of practice. It’s going to seem really odd when I do finally get back to doing some of these things. Really odd.

46 thoughts on “Out of practice

  1. I think of displacement reactions in terms of progessively stronger boys displacing weaker boys to go out with the pretty girl in the class! The strongest boy gets to go out with her. (PS: Although this might help to see how the chemistry works it’s not necessarily true in real life, as the girl may well like kinder, more decent boys rather than stronger boys!)

    Anyway, if you and Hawklad are still struggling this BBC Bitesize lesson is really good…

    PPS: If you ever need help with sicence feel free to send me a message – I’d be happy to help. I really miss teaching since I retired!

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  2. Displacement Chemical Reactions? Are they planning on building bombs or something? What even is that? Once more the idiocy of the schooling system over there boggles the mind. My kid is learning algebra and solar system. How to social distance. How to be productive in these stressful times. Helping out at home. Etc whereas your idiots want kids to learn how to cure the bubonic plague just in case it returns? The vast difference in education boggles the mind. Boggles the mind. And it takes a bit to boggle this brain of mine. Gah your damn school system makes me see red every time. Have a great day hugs to you and Hawklad.

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  3. It’s going to be difficult for a lot of people. Daughter goes to work still, but the hospital is an isolated space, and it’s a “safe” space in her mind. I do all the errands, so she’s home or at the hospital.
    When we had to take Ben for a booster shot last September, she nearly had a panic attack from being “out in public”. I think trying to appear strong and okay for Ben is the only thing that kept her from full panic

    You’re not the only one out of practice. There will be a learning curve for lots of people. We’ll all be like awkward teens again😉😂💌💌💌

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  4. The lack of hug and kiss…that makes me sad for you….not that I’ve exactly had too many of late, but I am much older. I don’t even want to make a list of things I don’t do anymore. Much of it is age related and being retired. One has to accept certain things, but most of your list will return…just not the falling off cliffs, though please!

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    1. I remember when me and a few others gave out [FREE HUGS] in our little town and one lady in a wheelchair hadn’t been hugged for so long, even though the carers had helped in lots of other very personal ways, no hugs allowed. She was so happy. Although, we always asked, because some people really hate hugging. It was on one of those:
      Reclaim Love days. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

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  5. We were watching one of our favourite t.v. shows the other night, New Amsterdam, and one of the main characters was examining how she’d recoiled from a love interest’s touch and wondering if it was related to the months and months of enforced distancing. It made me wonder how deeply affected we all are by the pandemic.

    I know yours goes back to 2016 and so you’ve had several years of isolation. It must be so hard. Yet, hope floats, at least that’s been my experience. Hopefully it will be like riding a bike and all these things will be picked back up more easily than you’d think.

    Sending massive hugs and sincere best wishes.

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  6. You’ve heard of air guitar, now on yer air bike lad. Running on the spot, hup to, hup to… Pretend there’s a restaurant in the bathroom and walk in and walk out because you’ve forgot your wallet (could suffice). Popcorn the hell out of a chair, sticky up the arms and get Hawklad to kick the back of the chair as you’re watching a movie on t’elly. 📺 No idea what “Quickening” is so [pass] on that one. Climb up to bed using the banisters, no touching the floor… I might need to get back to this list.

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  7. Not had a hug since 2016? Not even from Hawklad? 😢 I’m very fortunate that my son’s sensory issues are helped by receiving deep pressure, so I started giving him big hugs when he was very little. And these days he gives me random hugs. That said, being married to a very self conscious (anxious) man, there has been no monkeying around at all since Little Man left public school five years ago and has been home full time. I hope you’ll be able to take some things off your list before the end of 2021.

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