Technology is definitely trying to take over. On the last post I did about ‘Sunday’s’ my autocorrect was clearly not impressed with the overall message. That would explain its desire to change every SUNDAY to SUBWAY. That would give that post a very different feel. But hang on… Is it on to something.

Maybe I’m missing out on a real money spinner. Product placement. Hidden advertisements. How much would SUBWAY pay for some subliminal advertising. Maybe it’s not too late to dream of that apartment overlooking Lake Lucerne.

WORDPRESS is really playing up. Randomly refusing to accept any editing and posting the first, rough cut of posts. Refusing to let me comment or like on some sites. Messing up the formatting. Deleting comments and removing some of my posts. Unfollowing without telling me. So frustrating that is MARS my day. What a great idea, I fancy a really healthy and tasty chocolate bar.

We soldier on with WORDPRESS. So the school at home week starts again. The last one before the Easter holiday. No actual holidays this break again. No trips to the hills and FjORDs. No need to hire a fine FORD car. At least I won’t need to worry about cutting my hair. No SAMSON nITEmares at the barbers required. But if I was going on holiday I can’t think of a finer brand of luggage to take with me than SAMSONITE.

The NEXT benefit of no holidays is I don’t need to do any holiday clothes shopping. Shopping to the wonderful and certainly not overpriced NEXT clothes stores…

But a couple of weeks will hopefully allow me to catch up on some MARVELlous DISNEY offerings. Enjoy the wonderful story telling and the hidden alLEGOries. More time to play with our LEGO sets and never stand barefooted on those really value for money LEGO mini figures.

Anyway that’s enough of me waffling on. I will get back to my grAPPLEs with WORDPRESS. But I can’t think of a finer technological platform to fight those battles on than APPLE. Thinking often requires a large amount HEINZ -sight.

55 thoughts on “Advertising

  1. I can only “like” about half the blogs I visit. And I can’t even get to the majority of blogs that follow me. Always says the sites don’t exist, even though I know that they do. But I still wouldn’t blog on any other site. WordPress is such a great place. The people here are always what make it so wonderful.

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  2. With the issues I hear about regarding WordPress, I certainly don’t miss blogging on here.
    The minute it came to using block editor, enjoyment went out the window and the more I tried to use it, the more I didn’t want to write. I will only ever come back and comment here, while I can.

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  3. A great idea well executed. I once contacted WP about adding words to its dictionary. It can’t be done, so ever after I have to watch out for their automatic changes.
    My youngest son is called Samson. Back in 2004 he rowed the Atlantic solo, becoming the youngest ever to do it at the time. I applied to SAMSONITE for sponsorship. They declined. He won the race.

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  4. so far haven’t had any of those issues with WP…maybe its because i use a Mac laptop..not a PC or a phone…sometimes that makes a difference..but well played with the advertisements. You would def be a better spokes person than Jared.

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