It’s been over a year since I last managed a run. It’s hard to get my head round that fact especially as up to that point I would go trail running at least 3 times a week, every week.

But here’s the thing.

Do I miss the blisters – NO.

Do I miss the aches and pains – NO.

Do I miss having a face that you could fry and egg on – NO

Do I miss running up hill – MOST CERTAINLY NOT.

But I miss the feeling of open air and wow I miss the views.

68 thoughts on “Open Air

  1. I love me a good view I could gawk at stretched amounts of time without having to worry about anything else just absorbing the beauty of the moment. The intimacy between you and your runs in this post is awesone. It’s like a lover you left behind, and though you don’t miss the drama she puts you through you cherish the amazing moments you shared.

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      1. Thank you. We have to travel a bit to find nice scenery. Lol. Yours is right in your backyard. But yes also thankful for nature in our country too!

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  2. It’s all about choices. You mentioned nothing about the heslth benefits of regular exercise. I thought that was why you ran. Running is also a form of meditation. You are stuck with only yourself for the period of the run. What did you think about while running.
    I am not a runner, my legs can barely climb stairs in my house anymore. I used to cycle everywhere, had no use for a car. But after a concussion I lost my ability to balance myself on a bike. I coped, but I still miss the action of pedalling a bike, the wind in my face, the feeling of virtual flying. And I miss the long talks with myself.
    What you miss versus what you do not miss. The choice is yours.
    Or was it Covid that forced you to stop? I cannot imagine it, running is the ultimate in social distancing. Masks could easily be put on or removed when approaching others and after passing them. It’s not like you live in a city with people unaboidable everywhere you go.
    My memory is shot. Why did you stop running in the first place? What made you choose to stop?

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  3. I remember you going on runs. I always loved reading about them. And the views you shared with us. I so wish you could get out more in the open and and see the beautiful view . Hugs as always❤️

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  4. There has been so much I have missed over the past year. Media says we are not in the third wave locally. I am just hoping there isn’t a fourth!

    The photos are beautiful – what awesome views, no wonder you’re missing them. Hang in there, what else can we do? Hugs x

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      1. Such scary times we are all living through! I comfort myself with the fact humanity has survived other pandemics as well as the black plague etc. but this feels different, somehow. Praying for you and all peoples.

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      1. Oh I remember trying one of those tricky pogo sticks. I think I was just too little, not heavy enough and totally clumsy, so I couldn’t get it to do what it was supposed to do.

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      2. I just Googled pogo sticks and wow they changed over time, from a simple stick to handle bars onto even more complex stuff. Ne’er appen in wer day o’ clackers! eee! an’ ‘a menny kids can theur cumly ont’ witch’s hat!

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  5. I’m proof that after many years of absence, we CAN pick up, and start again. I’m pretty shocked at how quickly I’ve been able to do my walking speed & distance. I’m still building up, but it’s possible.

    Have you snuck away to hug the tree yet? There’s a quick sprint for you😉

    Like Switzerland, you’ve got your pictures and memories and hope for the future. It only *seems* eternal… time goes by faster than we’d like sometimes. You said it best “Hold on to what we have”
    We have a lot!!💌💌💌

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  6. awesome..i felt this way getting back to the gym a few weeks was tough but i did it and managed 3 x each week…this week only twice but getting back on track tomorrow..also have been walking more and ( sort of ) doing regular yoga…baby steps!

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