One of the first things you notice living in the hills is that you don’t get many poles that are straight up. There is always a bit of a lean to them. Nowt wrong with that. It feels like I’ve had a bit of a lean for years.

There is a really apt song line that Roger Waters wrote a few years back.

You lean to the left but you vote to the right.

This morning I read a work email exchange. One guy was saying that he had voted for Brexit because it seemed cool but hadn’t voted for higher food prices and more expensive import taxes. He certainly hadn’t voted for the nightmare it had become to own his time share in Spain.


Maybe its just me. 😳

But I guess we all do a bit of that lean to the left but vote to the right thing.

I’m not immune to that. As a kid I fell in love with football. What an exciting game it could be if I picked a great team. I then picked Newcastle United to support. If I liked football so much why did I pick that bunch of numpties.

Then there was a time when I was a fully paid up member of CND. Proud owner of the ban the bomb T-shirt. I picked what look like a really interesting University option. All went well until I found out where my option was based. The National Atomic Weapons Research Facility…… I’m not making that up. How on earth did I get through the vetting.

But it goes much wider. I wanted desperately to be a parent but not sure I would have initially voted to be a single parent. Definitely not this way.

So I guess there are times when things are out of our control. Life happens. But there are times when it is down to our decisions, our actions. If that happens you just have to own the consequences….

57 thoughts on “Leaning

  1. So much can be random and then we can also have our head in the sand.. Lately I have been getting a reality check over decisions and thinking What the Hell Was I Thinking? But like you said right or wrong we just have to front up, dust ourselves off and own the consequences.

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  2. Over here we have a saying that goes like: Who says A needs to say B too. You never know. You make a decision and should, of course, try to collect all possible aspects to see possible consequences. In some areas this works. But in others, even if you consider some tragedy happening one day, you would decide to do it anyway… because it is simply worth it and you don’t know what really happens in the future.

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  3. Whether we want to or not, reality usually makes us eat the cake we bake, sleep in the bed we make, wear the shoes we chose. So, there’s that. As for me: Even though I’m fully qualified to do certain professional things gaining lots of dosh, because I will not compromise my principles and work on projects that are destructive, I’m a lot poorer. That’s me owning them consequences. I’ve more offspring than I planned for, but gladly owning the consequences I’ve done my fair share of single parenting. I couldn’t get to vote, because I had to wait for someone in A&E, that’s me having to live with consequences of Brexit. So, there’s that. As sadly we all have to live with the consequences of other folks numpty words, actions and who others vote for.

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      1. I do * [ Like ] encouragement of a nicely put “Well done” (don’t we all), but of course chocolate’ll do as a suppliment, suplement, suplament, supplament, supplement… Oh damn it really? supple and ment? How can I cast a 🧙‍♀️ SPELL 🧙 one handed, whilst eating breakfast and all without getting the wand of Google search out?

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      2. Thing is BABASP, I’ve watched Jimmy Carr’s doing his version of it with “Tin tin tin” meaning [ It isn’t in the tin ] so if there was an autocorrect, how would it write for a Yorkshire accent?

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  4. We are better of leaning left or right and live with the consequence because the middle option…. well it’s no man’s land. Lukewarm, sitting on the fence, mediocrity and other inane inabilities to take a leaning stand.

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  5. Owning the consequences is just a step. If you stop there you are going nowhere. It is inherent upon a person to look at their mistakes, own them, and then learn from them.
    In a democracy you might get outvoted and end up with a haphazard-haired nincompoop as your nation’s leader, that is not your fault. But in your own world, you do have choices. Learn to make the best choices for yourself and those around you.

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      1. Which is the Conservative position in Spades. The further back in history we go, the better it is for everyone—In the ruling class. Anyone else, they don’t count one iota!

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