I was born by the Sea. Brought up by the sea. When I’ve been struggling in life I have often headed towards the Sea to breathe. A brilliant place to head to as a parent. Some of my best times have been by the Sea.

Even when I moved inland I would frequently find a way back for a few precious hours. Then life happened. A Pandemic changed everything. It must be over 18 months since my last trip to the Sea now. My longest time away.

So when life changes again AND IT WILL – guess where I’m heading.

74 thoughts on “Sea

  1. I hear you as someone who’s always been drawn to the sea. Last summer when everyone was locked down I drove to a local park by the sea for a much needed visit. There’s something about the salt air. I hope you and Hawklad will visit there soon. 🌊

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  2. There is always that one safe place for one to seek refuge in and the sea is the place for you! I am glad you identified it and I hope you and Hawklad can visit it soon. Take care and continue to strive on.

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  3. I hear you sooooo well. No sea or ocean is close to us. So, I am missing my annual trips to California. The wide ocean, the sound of the waves, the smell of the water, the different nature around, the sound of the animals, the energizing effect has something no mountain can give you.

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  4. Those are some very beautiful pictures of the sea. They’re not the ordinary Insta-perfect shots you get fed with these days. It’s like they have a voice and they are speaking to troubled hearts. I so hope you can go and that it will be soon. I haven’t been to the sea in some time. About 8 years back, I had the rare opportunity to attend a course outstation and stay at a beach hotel. I left my hotel room early one morning and went down to the beach. No one else was there, no tourists, no beach cleaners. Just sat on one of those beach chairs and stared out at the waters coming and going, the roar and crash of the waves cleaned out my heart of every trouble for some minutes. I know every place has its plusses and downsides but I’d give anything to live by the sea some day.

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  5. Yes, there is something very special about the sea, especially when you can walk or sit on a beach in isolation and just listen to the waves and the gulls and the wind. And watch the sun set.

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