Cold, cold, cold but sunny.

Can’t believe the break from school is almost over. As Hawklad isn’t ready to go back we go again on the school at home project. Wait for it. Using my fingers to count past 10 I think Monday will be the 212th home at school teaching day. Does that make me a proper teacher now…..

I must admit there feels like there is quite a lot of schooling fatigue on both the pupil and the parent now. If this was true homeschooling then now would be the time for changing things up. But it isn’t so lessons start again at 840am on Monday. The weekend will be spent trying to complete holiday homework.

It might just be about limping through until the summer break. This summer feels like it’s the crucial time. Can’t see him returning to school before then. So summer is when we either fully commit to homeschooling or we try to move closer to a return to the classroom.

The process will be tough enough….

The last thing we need is a self righteous horse whip clown determined to use children as a way to become PM. To appear the hard man. Wanting to take schools back to Victorian values. A clown who is trying to now push through changes to extend the school day, reduce school holidays, increase homework and drive through increased discipline.

If I’m honest I’m not looking forward to the next few months.

49 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Teachers in my area are talking about how students have “checked out”. Rarely do I see full-on attention while r more lessons go on. Still, the kids in lockdown have nothing else to do and the median and average for each class is much higher than usual. But are they learning anything?

    My guess would be no.

    Not because of inadequate teaching, but because this entire pandemic fiasco has been screwed up so badly by the politicians…

    Toronto is opening children’s hospitals ICUs for adults now. We’re in dire straits and see no light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine rollout is a mess…

    You hang in there. You and your boy will be okay. ❤️

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  2. He’s been away for so long, I have my doubts that he’ll ever go back. If only there was some form of blended learning allowed in Britain, 3 days of school + 2 days homeschool, or some other workable combination. This is so hard on you.

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  3. I’m sorry…

    Making students work longer and harder with shorter breaks is absolutely terrible. That’s not going to inspire anyone to greater achievements. Sorry… that’s just sad. I can say I blame you for not looking forward to the next few months. You’re both in my thoughts and prayers. ❤

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      1. It depends. One afternoon is off. The 4 others are until 3, 4 or 5 pm. That depends on the grade a bit. In between there is a lunch break, of course.

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  4. Things are crazy here too. All of a sudden it’s a big push, with 35 days left of the school year, to cram all the kids back into the classrooms fulltime.

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