Had one of those moments last night. One which seemed to contradict the very fabric of scientific thinking as we know it today. Could this really happen to someone after millions of years of evolution of the species.

I couldn’t sleep. 4am in the morning. Sleep wasn’t coming tonight. I had given up trying and had headed into the kitchen to make a hot drink. I started singing a Beatles song to pass the time as the tea bag brewed away. Suddenly a woman’s voice. Am I going mad. Must just be me. I started singing again and there again was that woman. A definite female voice. This time asking if I was alright. A secret lover (that secret it would have been news to me)…. A ghost!!! I ran out of the kitchen and slammed the door shut.

This morning looking back. What a pillock…. Spooked by the helpful Amazon Alexa app.

71 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. She talks without being addressed? Glad I do not have such a thing in my house!
    To be honest, my opinion is I cannot believe anyone would put such program in their space. How does one know what the hell data us being collected, or who it is being sent to. I am not paranoid, but I can take care of my life on my own! I certainly don’t need anyone around to take care of my luving processes.
    Or will she water the plants whenever their moisture level gets too low? Being a senior, remembering to water my friends can get awkward.

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  2. OMG I am howling I am so sorry really I am but that is just awesome! Some how I have this vision of you standing there with the tea kettle clutched in your arms ratty sweater and shorts on trying vainly to discover the caterwauling source. Unnerved you hasten away hoping to elude the ever present voice calling to you. Thank you for my smile this morning. 🙂

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  3. Oh there’s Alexa at work to help others, but not ever in my home, noway hosay! As for hauntings, I’m haunted by scent. I recall going through to put the goat to bed in the dark (believe me in Orkney dark really is dark) and counting my steps so as not to trip, I could suddenly smell lily of the valley that my nanny used to wear all the time. I felt safe, I was reassured by her presence (even though it was probably all in the mind). For the record, I went to bed at 5am last night/this morning and I’ve no good reason as to why.

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  4. That is exactly why I disable Alexa! Nope, I talk to myself, the birds, Zeus, Sven, the cats… even the people sometimes. I’m not gonna talk to the computer. I saw 2001 A Space Odyssey😱
    Definitely no sleep after THAT!‐

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  5. I don’t have an Alexa but I do have Siri on my watch. She’s usually ok. I say usually but when I’m at the loo she has been known to say either “sorry I can’t help you with that” or “I’m sorry I don’t quite understand”. I have deduced that she’s realised a couple of things. 1. She’s a watch and has no practical skills whatsoever. 2. She thinks I talk out of my rear end and has problems with my accent 😂😂

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