So the member of the Government in charge of the NHS, Matt Hancock owns 15% of the shares in a company just awarded supplier status to the NHS. Apparently he doesn’t take an active role in the companies affairs. Apparently he leaves that to his sister who owns more shares and is a Director of the company.

Apparently that is perfectly above board.


But surely it’s no worse that our NHS awarding a contract to the former neighbour and personal friend of Hancock. A neighbour awarded a £30M contract to supply Protective Face Masks even though his friends company had no Medical experience and produced plastic cups. Apparently that was ok as Hancock denied being friends with his friend and never socialised with him and most definitely never drunk with him. In an unrelated matter, thanks to the Guardian Newspaper he is a photo of Hancock not at all socialising with a man who is definitely not his friend and most definitely not drinking. Maybe they are having a chance meeting and are celebrating a £30M contract award….


If I had done that when I worked for the NHS I would have been sacked and ended up in court for Procurement Fraud.


67 thoughts on “Power

  1. Not quite nepotism, but where lies the difference. Trump got away with profiteering and nepotism while acting as president (sick) of the United States, so I guess everyone else can do it too.
    How much do you think the kickback was for giving this contract? I think it is time to follow the money. Money always leaves a trail, if you have someone to follow it…
    Can anyone say baksheesh! Sheesh!

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      1. Well, I guess that’s better than doing it behind everyone’s back, but he did lie about it, saying he did not know the guy. Now it is clear he did. Is there no gov’t watchdog in Britain? Where are the opposition leaders? They should be screaming bloody murder! Has BoJo really got that much power?
        This is why I cannot stand democracy!

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  2. …and here was I thinking ‘only in (South) Africa’. As if these people didn’t have enough already. Shame on them all! A few years ago you were in trouble for putting a duck house on your expenses. How the worms have turned.

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  3. And of course it is simple co-incidence that the day this all comes out, the Whitehall Gov also decide to cut back on the testing because of the amount of false positives, which of course they never knew was the case from the start …………..

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  4. Not quite a year ago our health minister denied any corruption when it was found his wife and family members were in charge of a new app for health care, which the government was pushing as an alternative to face to face visits with family doctors. Simultaneously he picked a fight with the provinces doctors and tried to reduce their pay rate. No corruption there at all. Nope, at least according to the health minister.

    What is happening in our world? Why are so many government officials getting away with outright crimes against their own people? Ugh!

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      1. It is rather disheartening. They make a ton of promises to get elected but seem to only have their own interests at heart. There was a time when public service meant just that.


      2. One day, and hopefully not too far into the future, all this will be past us and we will breathe easier again. It’s like living in a horror movies atm. Our city went from 19 cases a few weeks ago to 833 today. Yeah. Scarier than the movies….

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      3. Oh dear. I had to take a break from reading the news so I was unaware of that. No doubt within a few weeks or months we will be dealing with it here as well. It seems Canada does not have the smarts to learn from all that is happening in Europe and other places around the world. The variants that caused the upswing in numbers there is being repeated here.

        I know this will pass, eventually, the crisis itself anyway. Unfortunately covid will be with us for years to come. Like influenza we will have to get an annual shot (once they develop one).

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