It’s been too long. Far too long since Hawklad got to do his favourite ever activity. Handling birds of prey.

He’s done this a few times. Sadly not enough. Hawklad is someone who struggles with social encounters. He finds it difficult to build up trust in others. It takes time and patience. But he can and does. He forms really close bonds with those he develops trust with. Real lasting friendships.

It’s so different with Birds of Prey. Instantly establishing a bond. Complete confidence and trust. Even getting to stroke the chest of one raptor who the falconer said that it had taken him months of effort to build up the same level of trust.

That’s why in an ideal world Hawklad will get to fulfil his dream of having his own falconry and rescue centre. And we all know dreams can come true. There is always hope.

43 thoughts on “Birds of prey

  1. There are those who have that gift of connection. The animals, no matter the species, know that individual means them no harm instinctively. For an animal to have that level of comfort, is a gift indeed. I’m sure his dream will be fulfilled.

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  2. Beautiful photos. A falconry and resue would be so cool. They are beautiful creations. God did a good job! Hope Hawklads dreams come true. They can. They can come true. Anything is possible. Take care Superdad. ❤

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      1. No☹ The only time I’ve been close to one was at “Safari Park” when they brought one out for photo ops🙄 I don’t even know of anywhere around here.

        It’s definitely more a part of British culture than American.


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