The scene from last nights late Hawklad walk. A scene of apparent calm. It doesn’t paint the mayhem which accompanies taking Captain Chaos for a walk. Someone gets hyper on his walk. As he is the most hyper dog in Yorkshire at the best of times, that’s a shed load of hyper….

But it’s not just walks. Most things can send him hyper.

Me trying to tidy up the garden is up there on the hyper league table. Maybe it’s the novelty factor, the garden doesn’t get the attention it deserves….

So today as I tried to weed it was the usual pet mayhem. Helpful frantic digging. Burying anything he can find. Rolling in anything resembling dirt. Crazed running around in circles. That kind of thing.

Then a break. A dog walker walking across the distant fields. A distraction. Much barking. So I had better make the most of this. So I did 5 minutes of rapid weeding, manic digging and rushed raking.

Job done.

One slight problem. Don’t let your mobile fall out of your pocket when your doing speed gardening. Finally only located when I phoned it. Couldn’t hear it ringing inside. But the second phoning attempt, and an usual ringtone coming from the garden rubbish bin.

That could have been a disaster as the bin collection day is tomorrow. Just goes to show the risks inherent in gardening. Might give it a miss for a while now.

49 thoughts on “Hyper

  1. Speed weeding! Wouldn’t that make for an interesting Olympic event. As much as Captain Chaos sound like he makes a mess of things, I hope he never finds a dead skunk to roll around on, like my best friend’s dog did when we were growing up. That dog rolled and rolled until she was covered. Absolutely the worst!

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  2. Zeus starts every morning is “SpazmaTaz” mode. No respect for the poor human who hasn’t had coffee yet.

    Honestly, the bin should’ve been the first place you checked for your phone😉🤣

    Hawklad is doing well! Good for him! You gotta quit worrying about a full garden bin on bin day though😉😆🤣🤣🤣💌💌💌

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  3. Last night we had unknown visitors who came to till what I laughingly call my lawn. It must have been deer, as it’s such a large area. Maybe space aliens. Apparently the area is known for that!

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