Blinded by the light.

Ok which version is better Bruce Springsteen or Manfred Mann…..

The home at school project is rapidly feeling like it’s blinded by something. More lessons with no support or materials provided. More time spent trying to find any educational resources hidden on the confusing school system. Far fewer teachers making contact and trying to explain work requirements. When class materials are sent they are often only arriving at the end of lessons or hours late. Hardly any work feedback being sent back. Very few teachers checking in on Hawklad to see if it’s going ok.

Contacting school occasionally improves things for a lesson or two then things fall back again.

With national lockdowns, local school closures and family lockdowns its been over a year since Hawklads last in school classroom day. Maybe school have decided enough is enough. Falling in line with Government thinking. So with an imminent school return looking most unlikely, the educational future is so unclear. Blinded by something……

32 thoughts on “Blinded by the light

  1. Its terribly unfair of the lack of support you have been given. All teachers should be doing it, not just a few.
    Its annoying you have to chase for it too. It feels you are being forgotten.

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  2. Ugh. So very frustrating. Are there online charter schools in the UK? Some here are public and free, and some private. Is that even an option?

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  3. The calliope crashed to the ground, eh?
    Homeschool… True homeschooling is looking like it’s going to be the only way for Hawklad to finish his education.
    Seems like they wrote him off before the pandemic even. He hasn’t gotten any support at all. They should refund your tax money for school.🤦🏼‍♀️

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  4. keep the good fight…as frustrating as it is, the rewards will pay back many dividends later..but you already know that…what you may not be thinking of is how to take some time to care for yourself along the way…try not to get burnt out..its a tough world out there at the moment and one needs to take great care…hugs!!

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