Blueberries just starting to develop.

It’s a mad world. A mad Britain.

So there are growing concerns over the use of the lateral flow rapid Covid tests. The Government has been pushing them in schools, forcing children to take them several times a week. The results available within minutes deemed perfectly robust as a basis of reopening schools. They worked so well that they were made available for free to everyone. I was sent 7 tests this week.

Then we here the the Governments own experts are questioning the accuracy of these quick results. They are potentially too unreliable to use on there own. Should be only used as a guide, a gateway to the more robust tests.

Then on Friday the Government talked about the frustration with testing. It’s keeping too many children and more importantly workers at home. To many false positives. Far too unreliable.

And today the Government announced that it will sanction a large scale indoor test event. A music concert with no social distancing and no masks. That’s 5000 people being used as guinea pigs. Anyone going would have to have a rapid Covid test the same day as the concert. Then the will have to be tested a few days afterwards…..

Can we make our mind up…..

Are we really happy to allow 5000 people to crowd together indoors as a number of troubling mutations are starting to take hold….

Are we happy that the only check is the unreliable test….

Are we happy that potentially clinically vulnerable and unvaccinated people and children are being used as test subjects…..

I remember the Government saying opening up for Christmas was perfectly safe. Just go and look at the death spike that caused. Do we remember just days before the first lockdown and the Government saying that it was safe to hold the countries largest horse racing festival. Studies have shown the large number of unnecessary deaths that lead to…..

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  1. As I live on a different continent, I’m not sure how much power individual schools have to decide what actions to take against the pandemic in Britain. However, I know some teachers in my country whose schools rely on pooled testing. They combine large groups of samples and test them all at once. If a positive result shows up, then they test the individuals in that pool. It helps speed up testing without compromising accuracy so much. If you are concerned, do you have the option to recommend that to your child’s school?

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  2. I’m believing they -meaning all governments, are doing stuff like this to keep everyone off balance and confused. The information is changed constantly and erratically so no one knows what is going on at any given moment.

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  3. With the way the UK governments seems to be determined to re-open everything as soon as they can get away with, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see another wave of the pandemic breaking out. They’re still not taking this thing seriously, are they?

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      1. We have every single mutation in Calif. There’s now concern that at least 1 of them is def not prevented by the Pfizer vaccine. And it looks like all vaccines are going to need a booster… I think the current discussion is that they will be given around 18 months after the 1st shot.

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  4. Alas, the motivation is not over concern with people’s health and safety. The motivation is the short term view of economic health and GNP.
    Inn the same way that jail time for serious bodily injury crime has shorter jail time then serious financial crimes.
    Society’s priorities are rather clear and it does not bode well for a healthy community and personal health.

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  5. An exposure “test event”???? That’s insane!!

    It seems like all the early outbreaks in Calif are helping to make our numbers low now. And virtually everyone 16 & older is now eligible for vaccine.

    I read some insanity about the little league World Series, or some major event of theirs, requiring kids 12 and older to be vaccinated to participate. But there is no vaccine approved for under 16yr olds in the US. Parents are appropriately confused and angry.

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