The sun setting on another day.

Today has felt like one of those days that you need to keep pushing. Don’t push and you grind to a halt. Nothing comes easy. Always seems like it’s pushing up a hill. Nothing comes for free. No easy downhill sections.

So feeling a little worn out.

So on today’s late walk with Hawklad and the mad one, I tried to stand still for a second or two and watch the sun set. Look West. Then it’s time to keep walking. Well actually it was time to get pulled in a different direction by the hyper dog. That’s what you clearly get when there’s an accidental romantic encounter in a park between a small fluffy German Spitz girl dog and a slightly mad Cocker Spaniel boy. You get this….

So I was pulled along in a direction. Didn’t seem like I was completely in control of the direction. Just going with the flow. Life feels like that often. Not really in control. Being pulled. My preferred direction is always against the flow. That’s why life seems so hard most days. Constantly walking through treacle. So do I fight it or just go with it.

Today it feels like the answer is go with it.

46 thoughts on “Setting

  1. This explains how I feel so well. It seems like I’m not sure whether to be still or to persevere. I guess it’s all about finding balance and doing what feels right. Such a creative analogy and a beautiful sunset! It seems that you were able to find stillness as you went with the flow! Blessings!

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  2. Yep. Sounds like my day. Surprise guests. My highly introverted little soul cringes at surprise guests, particularly these. Not that I want to be unfriendly, of course, so I took a deep breath and went with the flow as best I could. But, boy, was I relieved to regain my quiet when they went. πŸ™‚

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  3. Even though you had your mad dog lol it sounds like a beautiful peaceful walk. And yes it does feel that way just pushing along and just going with it. You can do this. Enjoy your walk tonight. And yes for a moment just breath and take all your surroundings in. 😊

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  4. Always wondered what sort of dog you had. The mix is very pretty! And so is the sunset. As for pushing against the flow…I think you have to do what feels right at the time. You can’y always be pushing against or you will wear yourself out. Sometimes you need a break!

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