Music has always been important to me. Even from a really young age I would love listening to my much older siblings playing their records. My first ever record was a single my sister bought me. It was a classic. Wait for it…..

Pinky and Perky singing Yellow Submarine and Those Magnificent Men in a Flying Machine. 😂😂😂😂😂

After that I slowly started building up a reasonable collection. Normally acquiring the occasional record from my siblings. I wasn’t picky, quite happy with their castoffs. By the time I was at college it was a hefty rock and metal collection. But then disaster. A house move left no available space, so some records were given away and the rest stored in my mums garden shed. A bad storm and flood destroyed much of the remaining records. A few survived.

Since then it’s been a slow rebuilding exercise. So let’s see what I can find in the metal cases now…. not taking any risks this time.

A newish record is first out of the case. Tin Machine. This one makes me smile. Back in 1991 I was going out with a girl from Newcastle and we had tickets to see the Moody Blues in a few weeks time. I was pottering around in the city one afternoon when I came across a queue outside a small concert hall/night club. Bizarrely many people in the queue had David Bowie shirts on. A polite enquiry revealed that Bowie’s current band was going to play this small venue on the same day as the Moody Blues concert. You didn’t get the chance to see Bowie everyday of the week and certainly not in a little venue like that. So I joined the queue and luckily got two tickets. We never did see the Moody Blues… Funny thing was the girl I was with was a massive Bowie fan so I kept the tickets secret. She only clicked on when we arrived at the Mayfair and I showed her the tickets. And yes Bowie was mesmerising.

The next record out of the case is an old one. It came from Hawklads Granny. She was having a clear out and wanted rid of her handful of records.

You know it’s a few years old when it comes with the following helpful label….

The thing about this box set is that it’s never been played. After all these decades. Never played. I think Hawklads granny bought it to get the music sheet booklet that came with it. She played the cello. Maybe it’s never going to be played.

And then the last one out of the case tonight is bizarrely the newest record in my collection. I’ve actually bought vinyl this year. Now virtually all of my records are rock and metal. A couple of classical records like the one above have been passed onto me. I’ve only ever bought rock or metal. Until now…..

Yes I have to come clean. I’ve bought a Taylor Swift record. That’s my metal head credentials blown out of the window. So can you keep a secret…..

52 thoughts on “Vinyl Tours

  1. As a fellow metal head,I admit to buying a couple of Swift songs and…metal heads everywhere will be repulsed…a Jonas Brothers song.
    I make up for it with Slipknot and Motionless In White.
    I blame myself,I let my tween choose the radio station in the car. Swifty and those Jonas boys can put out earworms,eek.

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      1. Another pop female,Fergie,can wail with the best of metal men. She did a song with Slash that blew me away. Woman can rock it.

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  2. NOOOOOOOO!!! Classical yes, but Taylor Swift? I mean, I’ll listen to it if it’s on, but I wouldn’t PAY for it.

    I actually had to sit through a Brittney Spears concert when older daughter was such a fan… for about a month. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ just long enough to spend WAY too much for tickets. By the time the concert came around she didn’t wanna go… we went! It was like 1999 or 2000. She tells everyone Green Day was her first show🤣🤣🤣🤣


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  3. I love all sorts of music. If it’s good, it’s good. I was raised on classical, but always listened to a bit of this and that. The one poster I remember having on my wall in high school was Adam Ant. I watched a Netflix movie (documentary) about Taylor Swift just the other day. She’s an impressive gal, and a very hard worker.

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  4. There are a lot of Swifties in this house so I guess I am guilty by association. I do know some of her older songs by this point. Bob and Catelyn can sing all of her new stuff too – I’m not there yet.
    My first record I think was the soundtrack to the 1980’s Annie movie. I was such a fan, I even bought the red curly hair wig to sing along. 🙂

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