I was reading a news article about home schooling during the lockdown. A government politician was quoted as saying basically that all children needed to be in the classroom. No exceptions. Pupils discipline and grades had deteriorated during lockdown. Homeschooling could never work properly.

Ok so the last year must have a write off for Hawklad

Well let’s think about that…… Over the last year his grades have gone UP. So well that he was moved up sets. Look at his best subject. A year ago he could talk for days about British medieval history. He could name and describe every English monarch. He could talk well about Roman history. A year later he can still do that but now listen to him confidently talk American, European and Chinese history. Listen to him talk about recent world history, Classical Greek times…. you get the picture.

He’s expanded his knowledge on the animal kingdom.

He’s getting great marks now in English Literature. Macbeth, Animal Farm are well within his grasp.

A year ago we were fighting to get him support for his dyslexia. He needed assistance to read even the simplest text. A year at home and he hardly ever needs to ask for help with reading. He can do it himself. Yes he has to skip some words but now he can read articles on line. He can read books now. Slowly yes, but read definitely. 7 years of classroom teaching and he’s made the leap forward at HOME.

I’m no superman. No Yoda. No expert in teaching. Watch me look blankly in most subjects. I’m a bang average parent. Homeschooling has just suited Hawklad. He’s more relaxed. Can pace around. Can jump around subjects. Take breaks. Look at things he wants to. No pressure asking questions, no anxiety putting his have up in front of an overcrowded classroom. It just works for him.

Here’s the thing, the traditional classroom will suit some children. But not everyone. So why do THEY force all kids through the same hoops. Through the same moulds. Through the same exam routes. If the last 12 months has taught us anything it’s that we need to cater for all children. One path just isn’t enough.

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  1. I hate the one box fits all, my son struggled with the school work during lockdown. However, he can not cook, do his budget, talk confidently about politics and hs many different names to call Johnson and Gove (I”ll let you guess my contribution to his schooling)

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  2. As a special education teacher, I long ago recognized that not all children learn at the same rate, nor the same way. I was an advocate for Blended learning. Allowing students to access work via computer, with a teacher present to facilitate progress. I saw so much success among my students. The problem is always lack of school funding too purchase proper equipment, etc.

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  3. Same experience here! I have to police my oldest, I have to encourage my youngest – but the girl child thrived with learning from home. All the social distractions, or maybe some other thing, were gone and she just got the work done. She’s a straight-A student now. Comically enough, she is not trying for the honor society this year as she says “I’m not nice enough for that.” 🙂 We’ll work on that later! 🙂

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  4. Having options for school makes too much sense. You know the government can’t make sense.🤪

    Very happy to read that Hawklad got moved up a set. His brilliance is being recognized. You are way better than just “average” at parenting. Give yourself some credit too!

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  5. This pandemic brought so many new insights into how systems can be improved or extended. It would be awesome if this would take the school to a new level. Since homeschooling is independent of classrooms, they could create online classes for the whole UK for kids like Hawklad, divided into ages or whatever.

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      1. Even if it is the aim, it is not possible anyway. People and options have changed so much. So, even if they go back in the beginning, things have come in motion.

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  6. absolutely agree…yeesh that kid sound more intelligent and on the spot than i am or ever was…i sure hope you get to keep going at home. My grandkids are homeschooled and the oldest one just took his required testing for the state- he was in the 98th percentile and i couldnt be more pleased. I expect the same or similar from the younger one.In my humble opinion, homeschooling is way way better than traditional, and less exposure to germs regardless of any pandemic.

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  7. I so agree, with what you have said here. Each student (person) is an individual and a fully encompassing education system is needed. A traditional classroom setting can be overwhelming to kids with higher sensitivities and this occurs for a variety of reasons, And, a big congratulations to Hawklad.

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