Tom Cruise has been filming some scenes for the latest Mission Impossible movie about 15 miles away from here. Doing the usual spy capers….fighting on top of a speeding steam train.

Usually he’s trying to save the world from apocalypse….

If he’s braving the Yorkshire weather then it must be a really big world threat this time. Something truly horrifying must be going down in Yorkshire. In a separate note I’m about to bake a cake.

53 thoughts on “Mission Impossible

      1. I think we have an autumn sweet 🍬 winner. You will remind me won’t you? As with no added sugar and from the hedgerow, surely it is a better healthier treat.

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      2. As you know I’ve tried the grape with the walnuts and that was lovely, but I’ve also made blackberry fruit strips in the past, without any added sugar it was blinkin delish. Same sort of thing, but without the walnuts and left to cool on a baking tray.

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