I’ve just listened to the lead BBC Political Editor basically say that British voters are not interested in questions about the PM honesty. They don’t care if he is corrupt or not. To them it’s just tittle tattle. What they care about is that how he is delivering Brexit for them, how he is keeping them safe from Covid and how he is one of them.

Excuse the words ….. what utter #########. Clearly the Political Editor doesn’t speak for me….

That’s the thing in life. Something I’ve noticed as the years have passed. I haven’t found many who I feel get me. Who understand me. Who can speak for me. Even those who should be closest to me. Family, partner, many friends. Do they really get me. Why don’t they see how I see things. Do they really understand me. They might but is that more what they want to see or feel. Probably not. That’s just human nature. I’m probably exactly the same with most other people. It will be the same for all of us. If your lucky you might find at least one person who does get you. And to set the record straight that is most certainly not The Prime Minister or the BBC Political Editor……

48 thoughts on “Get me.

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  1. Ugh. Another example of the media getting it all wrong. Ours here does that, too. Eh, but it’s par for the course for me. No one has ever been able to speak for me. My husband “gets” me on a certain level, though, I have to be honest enough to say not necessarily in some things. I think I can leave him scratching his head in bewilderment some days. Lol. But, really, I have learned that is as close as it gets as far as other humans go. At least, there is always God to “get” me. And He hasn’t walked away in exasperation yet. 🙂

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  2. Perhaps having a corrupt,lying leader makes some of us happy as we can be bad too if he is
    Having a wise and humane leader makes demands.This one has done most things except murder.

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    1. Well…He hasn’t handled COVID well, so I would go as far saying a lot of the COVID blood is on him. I thought that the same with Trump as well. Not with our Australian PM, but that’s because he mainly didn’t do anything, it was left up to the states, lol

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  3. Finding someone who “gets it” is a rare treasure indeed! It saves a lot of explaining time. And if one is a bit weird like me, it’s extra super awesome to find someone who “speaks the language”.


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  4. I was at a town meeting once, many years ago. It was more of a village than a town, but whatever. The reason I went was because a small group of people intended to crucify (I say figuratively, of course) the very small district management team – there were only four of them. Their job was to look community services such as trash collection. It was a rural area and there was no town council. During the meeting a woman stood up and started berating these people (who, by the way were totally volunteering their time and received no financial benefits of any kind). I disagreed with everything the woman was saying. That’s fine we cannot all agree. But my blood boiled as she looked around the room and said, “I am speaking on behalf of everyone in the community”. Um, excuse me, you are speaking for me, I thought. Then I stood up and said so.

    Where do people get off making such a sweeping statement?

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  5. “What they care about is that how he is delivering Brexit for them, how he is keeping them safe from Covid and how he is one of them.” Yes they do care about that too. But he’s failed at those too. Even thought Brexit was voted in, it’s been a (predictable) disaster. COVID is still alive and well in the UK, and he is not “one of them”.

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  6. You know I agree fundamentally with your political outlook and values. What is inescapable though is that Boris Johnson chimes for so many people in the country, just like Trump does in the US. It is baffling, but these straight-talking, flawed clowns are supreme manipulators and tell ‘the people’ what they want to hear irrespective of the truth or morality.

    An example of how Boris does this… when interviewed he never answers questions, instead he says ‘what people want to know is…’ or ‘what people care about is…’ by doing this he is setting a narrative of social norming. Unthinkingly people want to be included in the ‘in group’ irrespective of what that ‘in group’ is doing or cares about. It is a form of social engineering and is used all the time by manipulators. Listen out for it in his next interview.

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  7. Me neither. He lives in a world so far removed from everyday people. I live in Surbiton- middle class surburia- gateway and fast train links to London. Today I shopped and put a bag of food into a charity box for people who have very little. Women and families who have fled domestic violence, families who are displaced for whatever reason- who have very little or nothing! Does he relate to these folk? No chance…….

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