The perfect late Spring weather….

Perfect weather for getting stuck in a queue…

When you are stuck in a car waiting for any movement the mind tends to wander. Many questions.

What has happened to my country?

When did we become such an inwardly looking, uncaring, reactionary and thuggish country?

What type of twisted and broken country are we leaving for future generations?

What hope is there when a country becomes so utterly fractured?

Just how bad will things get for so many with Brexit going so badly wrong?

Why are so many voters happy to vote for a corrupt, inept, racist, lying, misogynistic clown?

Then the mind wandered to…..

Is it me. Is it me that is the outlier here?

If I don’t belong in my country anymore, what do I do, where do I go?

Then the traffic started to move. The hail kept coming down. The view out of the car windscreen started to change, sadly my view about my country didn’t…..

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  1. This is where each of us has to accept we can only change ourselves and not everyone around us, unfortunately. We have to be our best selves and pass on that attitude to future generations.

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  2. It’s similar problems here in the states. We went from one arrogant President to one that has given the unemployment so much unemployment money that they can’t get hospitality workers, or land. So restaurant/bars closes not because of Covid, but because people won’t work for less than unemployment.

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  3. Don’t focus too much on the negatives Gary. It just ruins your day. Think about something positive! I avoid all the political and negative news. My days have gotten better

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  4. There was a time not too long ago when I became obsessed with Switzerland. I thought it was due to its beauty and splendour. But it was more because it was becoming uglier and more hopeless in my country. Like you, I too didn’t feel like I belonged anymore. I worried for my children and their education and their futures.

    Then the pandemic hit and with it WFH. It was very stressful, still is, but I also found heaven with my family.

    I’m late to the table, but I finally realised that heaven is not always a place; it is wherever your loved ones are and where you are free to love them as you want to. I can’t speak for war-torn zones and places where violence is a part of the fabric of life. But in any other place, we can try to make our own heaven and we must.

    Not every day will feel like it, sure, but heaven on earth is a work in progress.

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  5. Understand exactly how you fell as I have had the same feelings. If we hadn’t voted out our version of Boris I can’t imagine ….and the oaf is still hovering about like a black cloud. It’s so disturbing.

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  6. It’s not just. A big problem is there’s very few decent politicians. In some ways your results down south show how dreadful a hell of alot of them are. I am going not to start re Starmer or whoever thought that chocolate lump was anything beyond a chocolate lump. Of course it is everybody’s fault he did so badly. I guess it has never been more important to believe in yourself and those you love and in the fact that all things pass eventually.

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  7. It’s not just UK. It’s the entire world. The US is still a dang mess. The Cult of the Orange Idjit are still passing horrible, restrictive laws. I read about the demonstrations in Columbia being met with bullets. The politicians all blame “Them” for all the problems, while they steal more money and cut more services. “Don’t blame us” they say, “It’s THEM. THEY take the jobs, services, etc”

    There IS hope though… there are lots of folks who don’t agree with the B.S. We each need to keep doing our little bits, in our little corners, and keep sending out the ripples of kindness, tolerance, and hope. Ripples of water can wear down mountains.

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    1. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 144 “There’s nothing wrong with charity… as long as it winds up in your pocket.” I mean to say, doesn’t it sound like the ruling class of this country?

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  8. Britain isn’t the only country in a mess Gary – many are – things have become tragically worse for many reasons – not just political unrest or poorly managing governments, covid is taking its toll on countries and governments alike, Brexit is still in the early days despite everything else going on.

    The USA is not much better, neither is Australia – in fact just scrolling upwards in the comments, l see Angie has said and is saying the same and many people feel it.

    So what’s the answer to the current leadership as in Conservative – Labour? It’s currently looking pretty shambolic as it is. Is Starmer the answer? Nope. Is Boris the ultimate answer? Nope.

    So who is, truly?

    I wouldn’t envy any government at this present time anywhere around the world with everything going on.

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  9. Yes l agree, but we have to muddle through, that’s no different a story to the voter from today to fifty years ago – same shit, same story, same shit different day, different year, same shit.

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