Hawklad was trying to do some French school work. I’m not that much use, especially when I’m tired. So when it came to translations I secretly backed up my limited expertise with some discreet finger work. Can I use Google Translator to make me look awesome. All going well. With the iPhone hidden on my lap, I amazed Hawklad with my almost perfect knowledge and interpretation of French phrases.

Then it all went a bit mental.

All over a simple looking translation. I had covertly typed into Google what appeared to be an innocent phrase….

Je veux un bain

Clearly it was ‘I want a …..”. I think it was BATH. Problem was that I misspelt the last word. Easily done on a small screen and when you are trying to hide exactly what you are typing.

Je veux un baise

So I was a little taken back by the translation.

I want a f##k

Sorry….. You what…..Double take…..Until I spotted the typing mistake my parenting world had become very confusing and just a little unsettling. I definitely aged several years. See parenting is bad for you.

52 thoughts on “I want a

      1. I can imagine! Yes, things are going all right. Been hit with a sudden burst of busy with the kids and my husband’s business, but managing. 🙂

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      2. Yes, still fitting it in. Today is appointment day, so, not so fun, but this evening is a grade school concert where my youngest will demonstrate what he’s learned on percussion to the tune of “Wipeout”, so I am sure to get plenty of smiles tonight! 😊


    1. Well that is brilliant multi tasking educational, because it covered French and briefly on Consent (how to ask), but maybe there could be “… s’il te plaît” on the end for politeness.

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