It’s inevitable that if you spend anytime on this planet then you will experience what LOSS feels like. Losing something precious to you. A person, a dream, a way of life, a friendship, a love, a companion….. It’s inevitable.

When I experienced LOSS I also LOST something else. MYSELF.

LOSS is about losing something permanently. Never getting it back. That’s why it hurts so much. All you can do is to try to learn to live with that LOSS. But with LOST it can be different. It doesn’t have to permanent. You can find it again. That’s what I did with MYSELF. It took several years but I have found MYSELF again. And here’s the thing, I actually may have found more than I LOST. I may have grown as a person. May have a better outlook in life. More appreciative of what is truly important to me. I definitely understand MYSELF better now.

That’s why there is always HOPE.

We can do this.

65 thoughts on “Loss

      1. If I may…in March, my husband had been dead four years. It has been this slow process of finding peace, finding strength, find reasons to hope. Each day there were little reminders giving reasons. This past year, even with all the insanity and maybe in a way because of it and my finding myself in an entirely new situation, I have found a greater growth in the hope. It does come, it may seem as if it is dragging and lost along the way, but it does come. You are seeing that. And it will get better. I have hope, belief and faith.

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  1. I think any painful experience changes you and whether it’s for better or worse depends on how you process that loss. You have obviously taken the path of acceptance. I am very glad for you. XX

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  2. Yes! Loss is such an arduous thing to navigate through, but with our loving heavenly Father, there is strength we never knew on the other side. So glad you are experiencing this. What an uplifting post to encourage my day! Thank you!

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  3. It is amazing what all you have found after those years, and if it is just this profound insight. I can so understand what you mean. You lost yourself in the situation and in your pain. While you wandered in nowhere land you progressed which you only notice in the moments you are finding back to you again. Wow, that makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing your insights, Gary.

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  4. Loss pushes the innocent into the deep end. Despairing lost, who is able to find their way to the surface? Bobbing up and down a few too many times. Needing help to get out safe and sound. Survivors go to the edge and reflect and sometimes hold out their hands to help others, they may find themselves.

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