I so remember this beautiful falcon. Happily settled on Hawklad’s glove. Calm and a definite trusting look in her eyes as she stared into Hawklad’s eyes. What was striking was the difference in the look she gave me. Think much less calm and at ease. Think much more, ‘you do know I am a bird of prey’……. The look this wonderful falcon gave me clearly had an underlying message. But what was it. Maybe……

That’s one ugly chubby pigeon, how on earth is that thing going to fly.

Or maybe it was

That’s some kill. That will feed me and my family for about 100 years. But how on earth am I going to carry it. Might need to hire a troop carrying helicopter…..

Oh that look. Ok it’s telling me that I’m moving down the food chain league table but it’s utterly mesmerising. It’s exhilarating. It’s what life should be about. Memorable……

47 thoughts on “Who you looking at

  1. I have long said I would rather be taken out as an animal’s prey than a human’s murder victim. Animals are compelled by their nature to survive. Only humans do it for sport. The animal kingdom has my respect.
    And lucky Hawklad,that is a beautiful falcon. Humans should be so regal.

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  2. Wow, that look is stunning. A one in a million photo. Looking into its eyes touches me. I don’t know why, but it is deeply touching me. Recently I found a big beautiful hawk feather in our driveway. Just like it was put there for me to find it. Amazing!

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