So a few more hours of work. More work emails. More searching for the work stuff amongst the never ending personal reviews of restaurant meals, pub visits and nights out. Month after month of lockdown has sent a few too many at work into email padding frenzy.

Well this afternoon I was sitting with the computer on the lap and wading through the work crud. I was listening to the Ghostbusters movie blast out on the TV. I was good, I didn’t watch the movie but I did listen. But it was tempting, too tempting to look at the TV. It was a real struggle at times. Trying to force my eye focus to stay on the emails and not onto the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Too hard. Too many potential distractions.

Movies without the picture is the way to go…..movies on cds…..

Why didn’t they ever do proper soundtrack cds for movies. Not just the music, but the dialogue, the sound effects – the whole movie. I’d happily listen to movies while working and trust my imagination to fill in the visual stuff. That would definitely ease the work pain.

42 thoughts on “And more work emails

  1. Digital video files work for me. I can hear everything but with the window minimized or laptop closed,I am not distracted by visuals.
    I cannot fathom ever watching or listening to Ghostbusters without having to see the marshmallow man,though. He is just too awesome.

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  2. I used to do this with Die Hard. If I got an amount of work done before a favorite part, then I’d treat myself to watching it before going back to work. We have to award ourselves sometimes, too!

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  3. See… lately Ben has had a movie playing, but muted. It’s Disney’s Fantasia that I’m constantly seeing. I know the music, but sometimes I’ll play a video or hear the DJ in my head play a song… Now, that’s an interesting mix… Pearl Jam with the dancing mushrooms, or Green Day with the Centaurs😂😂😂

    Do those apple Blossoms smell as pretty as they look??

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  4. I had to do an all~nighter to get an assignment finished ‘for morning, so I recall every now and then, putting on earphones with Bjork ~ Army Of Me to blast out the sleep and to keep me going.
    You know what, no other song does it like that one:

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  5. I always thought the soundtrack to Ghostbusters was the best bit about it! The title track was in the charts in prehistoric times when I was working in Cassanova’s nightclub in York. 😉

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  6. I feel your pain. I find the blurring of work and home life – with a kid at home – very challenging on many days as well. Hang in there! Hope you get back into the groove soon.

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