If only life was always this open and uncluttered…..

I was unfortunately wading my way through a mound of work emails when I could have been getting on with being a parent. Suddenly the world here looks like it’s caught up in a crazy stampede to open up again. I work in the events and sporting field. A pandemic is not conducive to full diary. For over a year our little companies order book has been as empty as a Yorkshire mans wallet after he sees a sale at the ‘Everything for a Pound’ store. But suddenly it’s gone mad. So much is now being planned, all without any formal regard for social distancing. All based on the assumption that the pandemic is over, everything is fine. I just think that we are still teetering on a knife edge. If we are not careful now then a lot of people are going to be at best disappointed, at worst, very ill. Will these events actually happen?

Anyway I was wading through the work emails. Wading is the right expression. If people just stick to the point then it would be so much quicker. But no. Let’s talk about what meal they had out last night. Let’s talk about the night at the pub. Squeezed somewhere in that social stuff will be the work bit.

Wow have I become The GRINCH ……

As I was wading through those emails a thought struck me. Wish I’d become something like an Astronaut rather than an Accountant…. I bet the Astronaut wouldn’t have to read about the stuff I’m suffering here. Having said that I bet you can probably get work emails in space now.

No one can hear you scream in space was the old horror movie line. Now it’s become ‘no one can hear you scream at your email inbox in space’.

35 thoughts on “Space

  1. meeting I wished I had stayed retired. The meeting was supposed to be maybe half an hour long. I pulled out after two hours. The moderator could not control one person who had to tell us what she had for breakfast, what all her grandkids had for breakfast, and what she was planning for lunch. This was a business meeting! Facebook has changed society into something very ugly.
    If your emails were like the three meetings I attended before I opted out of them, nothing will ever get done. Only then was I able to get my work done in a timely manner. How anyone else got any work done, if they did, I will never know.
    Ah, retirement, so peaceful. Like being in outer space…

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    1. The last place I worked at we have an awful regional meeting that lasted all day abs was just waffle. So the year I did it, we put it a million miles away from a golf course, we didn’t provide lunch, we found really uncomfortable chairs. Job done, meeting lasted an under 2 hours. We never got asked to host it again.


  2. What? A Grinch? I’m the Grinch so you can’t be. The job has already been filled… 🤣😂🤣😂

    You had me laughing about no one can hear you scream at your email inbox in space. Sorry the worl email has been so grueling.

    By the way, I ate quinoa porridge for breakfast. But I’m tea total, so no night at the pub. My strongest drink is Pepsi. Haven’t had one of those for a while….

    Hope you’re smiling. 😆❤

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  3. That is a stunning picture. I love the light reflected on the road.

    I remember work emails. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the jibber jabber in written or oral form any more.
    Like Dragnet… “Just the facts”😉

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