How do you hug cautiously?

So the great UK coming out of lockdown started today. You can go inside pubs, restaurants, museums, comedy clubs….. You can hug. You can travel. We are on the way back to normal. Everything is good to go.

But then the mixed messages. Hang on our daily COVID cases are stubbornly high, higher than when we first went into lockdown. We have the Indian variant doubling in size every week. We have significant local outbreaks which are having to be managed. Large numbers of the young have not been vaccinated. The long term effectiveness of the vaccines against the variants is still not confirmed.

So we kind of reopen with everyone just making up their own rules. Some will be masked. Some will sometimes wear a mask. And others will refuse to wear a mask. Mixed messages. It’s either completely sorted and no need for any social distancing going forward. Or it’s we need to be cautious and stay safe, we need to keep social distancing. Or it doesn’t really matter whatever we do as we will be back in lockdown soon.

Never has HUGGING been so complicated….

So please feel free to hug anyone you want to as long as you hug cautiously. Cautiously hug doesn’t mean wearing masks but it might be an idea to do so if you are being cautious. Kissing might be ok but only if it’s a cautious kiss.

Dad did I just hear Johnson tell us to go out and hug people”

Yes he did say that.

I’m not hugging anyone, not even if that smeg head tells me to…..”

No I didn’t think you would. You haven’t hugged me since you were a toddler. You quickly worked out your preferred way of showing affection for your Dad was to smash him over the head with the nearest toy, book or item of cutlery.

Dad that’s much more hygienic. I had no idea where you had been….”

Just remember your partly me. My DNA runs through you. Having said that if you are lucky my genes are concentrated in your long eyelashes and your posterior.

If I get a flabby, hairy bum then I know who to blame and it’s definitely not mum. Anyway I am doing what the government is telling me to do with hugs. I’m hugging cautiously. I’m not hugging anyone…..”

That’s definitely cautious…..

47 thoughts on “Hugs

      1. Thank you. Well just heard as of May 29, if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. Hmm, I think I am still going to. Just ridiculous because to me, it feels like it points out the people who didn’t, and it’s like a shame on you. Very upsetting😔


  1. That sounds great. It’s good to hear that one among us hv got the chance to walk without masks during these times. This could give us a hope that, we too could get vaccinated and will walk free 🙂

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  2. In my Corona Diary I always tell my readers to not trust in anything some politician says. They aren’t trustworthy, never have been. Mucking everything up, they are trying to tell us (infinitely more capable and intelligent people) what to do and how to behave?
    Muck that!

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  3. Well now, what has come to mind reading this post? Actually my beautiful children’s chose of music and how it changed up and down. They brought me up to speed to what was out there, as I gave them the heads up to AC/DC – Thunderstruck, and therefore we grew up together. They put music on for this adult’s education and some of it might have made a lot of other parental units go ballistic! So now, I’m not saying you need to listen to this little ditty I recalled due to reading your post, but that my mind suddenly thought Smeeeg heeead listened to it and decided it was a good idea! The git!!! So, if any of you do look it up what I think is Mop Heads theme tune, but you best be aware that loudness and the images are disturbing:
    Drowning Pool – Bodies

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  4. I hate the Government and won’t be listening to them. They never got back to me last year when I wrote that letter, or Tweets.
    I still tweet and hound them. The only difference is, I don’t give them any respect.
    They don’t care about them in care homes. Unless you are in a care home, you have more rights than if you were living in a care home. Always had done.
    I won’t forgive them for this past year on this and more.
    Plus, they were never there before covid. I struggled from my teens as the unpaid, unrecognised carer, until I couldn’t do it anymore in 2019. Mum then sectioned, then care home last year.
    Mum being in care home was supposed to be best place for her and best for me. Bullshit. It wasn’t. I have not had the respite I need because I have been cut off at times from mum not knowing how she truly is until I see her for myself this Friday, because hospital wouldn’t communicate with me by email and no one else gave me what I needed to know.
    While the Government keep doing what they are doing to those in care homes, I wonder if mum will be another statistic where she dies without no one by her side. Its a nightmare that I have long had enough with and can’t cope with anymore.

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      1. No respect what so ever. He and some others would get no respect from me. My manners would go out the window and would really rip into him and the others.

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