How do you tell when you son has been watching too much The Simpsons. Maybe it was too much of the American version of The Office….

I thought I was at one with nature. Just completing a 50 minute yoga session out. I thought it going well. I felt a definite natural flow to my movements. Maybe just maybe I have finally found my inner Rhythm and goddess mode. Then I heard the icy tones of a teenage son and the moment was blown out of the water.

Dad there has never been a finer more awesome Dad squeezed into a pair of 56 inch pants…….”


Harsh but fair.

47 thoughts on “Brought down to Earth.

  1. That cracked me up 🙂 Whenever I am trying to squeeze into a pair of pants Krusty is in my head, yelling at Homer when he is trying on clown pants, “They’re supposed to be baggy!” I can relate to that!

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  2. I just Goggled “Yoga, what’s the point” and fair do~dar’s it sounds like a great idea, but it’s just ain’t for me. My thing is to dance through 🐠 and to all sorts of music 🐡 to keep things flowing 🐟

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      1. Just about to pack it in and go beddy bye byes, however, just need to ask: Isn’t it actually t’Internet ol’ bean and not long winded the Internet? Geez, I need to attempt some sleep. Right, that’s it, down tools men (not that type) one out all out (digging deeper) ~ gone.

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      1. Smiling again, was not doing so well all day since I reacted heavily to my second vaccination. But all much better again. Hope your smiling, Gary💖

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