Everyday we go for a walk. Each day a little further. When we get the chance edging a little closer to people. It’s all part of our attempt to build up Hawklad’s confidence in the wider world again. Help overcome his social fears and phobias. Allow him to build bridges into the world again, when he is ready.

We are nowhere near entering crowds and busy public places yet. That will come in time. Next stage will be walking into a shop or supermarket. Then when he’s ready going for an ice cream and cake in a cafe. Then maybe school. I’ve already spoken to school about allowing him to work round the school after the school day has finished. But that’s for another day.

So we did a walk. A local walk. Maybe it’s the impact of over a years worth of lockdown but many local places are looking epic . When everything settles down I’m certainly going to appreciate more what I have on our doorstep.

Take for example yesterday’s walk. A circular 2 mile walk from our house. Tell me why it’s taken all these years to do this……

42 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Seriously good to hear for you both. But you are right re what is on the doorstep. We have a wonderful walk here along the Stannergate to the port entrance and back. We do try and do it every so often. but I’d been living back here a few years before I did it. Also like that last year we did Lundie Craigs afew times. it is not on the doorstep exactly but it’s like a 20 minute run. We’re making a concentrated effort to do the Angus hills and glens, just go do one thing once a month. Like that most are an hour’s run and only that cos of the narrow remote roads. But sometimes your doorstep is the last place you get to.

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  2. The fabulous low-hanging clouds are just as I remember them—like dirigibles, tethered by a rope, hovering over the landscape. Just by the way, everybody starts taking baby steps before they can walk. Just keep picking him up, dusting him off, and setting him back on the right path. He’s lucky to have you. And you him, for that matter.

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  3. Way to go, Hawklad! That is great that he is trying to go a bit further each day. It sounds like you have a good plan to help build his confidence. And such pretty scenery! Nice!

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  4. Local gems are always the best. I have a small woodlands near me with a running stream and even a small waterfall. If I need somewhere to calm my mind, it’s where I’ll be. I’m glad that Hawklad is finding his confidence, I have no doubt that he’ll be just fine. I was a shy child once, too.

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