Apparently I was wrong yesterday. My inner Lefty took hold and clouded my vision. I made an inappropriate attack on politicians who benefit from expensive and exclusive private education while refusing to properly fund pupils in the rest of the education system. I wasn’t the only person to get annoyed at that thought. But we were slapped down by the Eton educated Prime Minister. Children enjoy exclusive education because their parents work hard.

Many do. Can’t argue with that. But then you turn the argument around and what does that mean to a poor child in a poor school. It means that they should blame their parents for not working hard enough……

Clearly I’ve let my son down by not working hard enough…. That explains the gaps in his education.

I should really follow the example of our illustrious leader. Travelling 200 miles in a private jet to attend a summit of world leaders where he says he wants to talk climate change. Clearly getting a readily available and environmentally friendly train is not working hard enough for him. Treating himself to £13000 worth of gourmet food during the lockdown while refusing to give our poorest children free school meals when they need it the most is clearly hard work. Getting a rich friend to pay £200000 for a designer makeover on his flat while cutting 40% of the overseas aid budget is real grafting

Hard work people. That’s all it takes.

25 thoughts on “Hard work

  1. If it helps, my parents were terribly poor. My Mum used to steal oranges and loaves of bread so that we could eat, we’d be sent to our grandparents so that we wouldn’t see our parents starve and I didn’t taste ham (only had luncheon meat) until I was seven years old. In fact, I even remember thinking that I had someone else’s lunch. With all that being said, I was set for straight A*’s in all my exams. Why? Because my parents didn’t give up on me. Why am I liked or respected by most people now? Because my parents taught me how to behave in society. Why do I help others without expecting anything in return? Because my parents taught me to be altruistic and humble. Money won’t buy you everything, but if you’re not careful, it can certainly buy you anger, loathing and an egged, smashed or burnt out Porsche on the drive. Don’t fret, what money can’t buy, love and patience can.

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  2. I have nothing polite to say about that man. I am just truly sad that so many seem taken in by him and think that whatever he does doesn’t matter.
    Your son is and will be proud of you.
    Stanley on the other hand.
    Breathe! I know I need to!

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  3. Hard work doesn’t always mean mega bucks to put towards education. Lots of people work very hard and never receive the pay they’ve earned, while others sit around and are payed way too much. Things aren’t always the way they should be.

    I do know a Superdad who works very hard to take care of his son. He’s still working really hard. I can sense and totally understand your irritation.

    Just keep being super. ❤

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  4. Yes, he has caused uproar with that comment. Going around on Twitter that and everyone having their two cents worth, including myself. (Although I am not a parent, I still feel it attacks us hard workers.)

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  5. People have a similar attitude here, also not appreciating that today’s education provides tomorrow’s leaders. The rich love to keep people oppressed and claim that it’s their own fault.

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  6. I enjoyed a bit of imagination within the photo, but then the imagined midges started to bite and I decided to mentally travelled back to my living room and sitting next to this happy sleeping cat. 🐈


  7. The Johnson admirers don’t care. They will be lapping up all the Biden love thing going on, when only months ago the same crowd admired Trump. It is genuinely good to see relations improving with the USA, but I think the credit for this sits with Biden, not with Johnson.

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