Endless views or no view….

A school email exchange with a teacher kinda went this way yesterday.

Have you started the exam.

No I’ve not seen the paper yet.

Do you understand what your doing…..

No I’ve not seen the paper.

The instructions where clearly set out in the previous lessons.


After an hour of looking we finally found an oblique reference to a question. Well hidden. One of those – it was clearly set out in section 635, clause 9, subsection B.

As clear as mud and so hard to find. Pupils and Parents don’t have hours available in the daily schedule to pour over every single document. Every single page. Every single well hidden file.

Did Hawklad answer the right question. In the right format. In the right way….. still no idea.

37 thoughts on “Views

  1. Only the future can look back and be all judge and jury. If anyone here present wishes to formally worry (we can chose not to you know) please just decide it will all go badly now or forever hold thy piece of cake. 🍰 I’m not normal, for I don’t understand the hurry to worry. Anyhoo, you know me and how I thinking sod that, let’s try to have a giggle. For if you are still wondering, the answer is still “No!” and always will be “No!” Oh and now you want to know the constant question to that constant answer? Well, it is “Are we there yet?”
    As for home school stuff, here’s something for the worry warts:

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  2. They might really think that the world revolves around school only. And as you said, everybody has the time to investigate all those forms in all their weird details. At least you have this really beautiful view, Gary!

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