It’s no secret that I have fallen out of love with my country. I don’t like what it is becoming. I don’t like the way it’s run. I don’t like the corruption. The inequalities. The new values we are supposed to sign up to. I hate the xenophobic outlook. I constantly seem to be at odds with a sizeable portion of my fellow citizens.

But is it just me .

Dad if we win the lottery can we leave England.”


England is going down hill. It has been for years. It’s becoming ugly. I’m European but I’m not now allowed to be. I didn’t get a say in that. The country has no future the way it’s going. It’s stuck in the past. Our leaders are racist, law breaking clowns as corrupt as any in our history. I’m ashamed to call myself English now.

I can’t disagree with you sadly. Where might you want to move to.

Switzerland. If they won’t have us then Germany or France or Italy or . I would go to Canada, or America or New Zealand. Anywhere apart from here.

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  1. Come to Canada! 🙂

    I empathize with how you feel. It’s almost like seeing what happened in the US during the Trump years. But like the Trump years, hopefully it will pass. Things are, for better or for worse, cyclical.

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  2. I am so sorry for all the British people are going through – sad beyond belief! I think the Western world in general has become more corrupt and much less democratic, but perhaps that’s just me

    I add my invitation to all the other Canadians on here – come to Canada we will welcome you and Hawklad with open arms. 🙂

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  3. I agree with those saying to head to Canada.. the US might’ve gotten rid of Trump but the idiots who elected him are still plenty and who knows if they’ll manage to put him back in office in 2024, I’ve seen enough flags flying in favor of it…

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  4. I am a bit biased about New Zealand, wouldn’t want to leave my little piece of paradise in the South Island. Sometimes I like the idea that little NZ is often forgotten! The world is struggling in so many different ways and it is sad to see. Kia kaha (Be strong).

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  5. Several things here to cover: Firstly, don’t let the castle 🏰 you live in go down hill, you and Hawklad rule and it is the equivalent to an embassy for Earth. If you want to say you are European, then you are. Make things for the future happen 🌱 where you can have a say in that. You lead your way against racism, corruption and be happy to call yourselves Earthlings 🌍 (representing the other sentient beings that wish to live in peace).

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  6. I’ve never felt at home here in England. No real fault of my friends or situations, but when I’m in Germany, Austria or The Netherlands? I just click into that language and feel more at home.
    It’s odd, and trying to put it into words is a challenge, but I know what you mean about looking around and wondering what it’s become. Nowhere is perfect, mind. Nice to see like minded people

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  7. Oh my goodness, I don’t blame you. Between yourself, watching the LGBTQIA community continually attacked. The attacks on Harry and Meghan (whether you like them or not), Julie Burchill calling other’s sociopaths for thinking calling a baby a “It” and for being racist towards a two day old baby is “normal” and THEN, getting a two page spread about it in the Daily Mail! I don’t blame you! I say go to New Zealand! Their capital city was the number one most livable city, mine was number 3! =D If you moved to Australia though, our PM likes Johnson and Trump =/

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  8. Well tell him to knock the USA off his list. If anything it’s worse here. The post I put on my blog yesterday pretty much echoes what you have expressed. I too feel lost. Horrible feeling.

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      1. It shouldn’t be, and it is what I have been fighting against for most of my life, in my own small way. The human race is mentally and physically insane, but they are too far gone to notice it. Being unsane, I notice it, and it makes me sick.

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  9. Strong words of a young person. I am very sorry that you both are feeling that way. That feeling seems to be very anchored. I hope that you find the love for your country again OR… come to Switzerland 😊

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