That’s a cloud formation. A difference of option.

Well I think it’s a prehistoric fish….

Dad I think it’s a sperm….”

And with that the cloud spotting game ended…..

We are trying something different this week. A new way of trying to manage Hawklads anxieties. At present they can consume his thoughts, consume his day. They just seem to spread out and spiral out of control. Well let’s see if we can try and contain them a bit. This week when he gets an anxious thought then he makes a note of it and then immediately tries to distract himself. We now have a 30 minutes slot each day in which we discuss the anxieties he has made a note of. Talk them through.

Let’s see if this helps contain his anxieties. Helps him recapture more of his day.

40 thoughts on “Contain

  1. Sometimes I do the 4 questions and the turn around of “The Work” of Byron Katie. Sometimes I don’t. Today when I got home from work, to relax I part filled the bath with just water (no bubbles) and laid down so that my ears were underwater and I damn near fell asleep. It was lovely. It was so quiet under the water and just the right temperature. I wonder if it’s a going back to the womb thing? Peaceful.

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  2. This certainly cannot hurt. And I don’t know if you realize this, but writing a worrisome thing down for futile consideration allows the mind to free itself from attempting to keep it in the conscious. On paper, it is stored away. Left in the mind, it struggles to not get lost in the daily bullshit. That can be very relieving for Hawklad. I know it is for me.

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      1. You know best. We can take our children to all manner of specialists, but in the end, we know our children better than them. We know what will or won’t work or how far to take a trial. It is worth it, and I’m sure you will discover what works best, for both of you.

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  3. Love this! Our psychologist at work talks about doing this to the kids in our service and to us as team members … to have a ‘worry time’ . Hope it works. Oh and the cloud formation … funny! 🤪❤️

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