I’m pacing in the garden. Distracting myself with thoughts of that tree in the distance.

Jobs to be done. But which ones first today.

– do I Hoover

– do I clean the toilet and bath

– do I do the surfaces in the kitchen

– do I finally deep clean the oven

– do I wash the windows

– do I cut the grass before the weather breaks

– do I phone school to sort out Hawklad’s exams

– do I sort out the Home Insurance Renewal

– do I bake that cakes I’ve been promising Hawklad for days now

– do I start putting together the work payroll

– do I chase up those work orders

– do I respond to those work queries

– do I fix the printer.

– do I complete the government form which needs sending in

– do I read the documents Hawklads psychologist has sent to me

– do I pay those bills sat on my desk

– do I clear the mountain of paper which is burying those bills

– do I sew those rips that have appeared on Hawklads trousers or do I just buy new ones

– do I fix the headlight on my car

– do I put those shelves up that are looking at me

OR do I just go round in circles, too tired to make a decision…..

65 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. I’ve been putting off several jobs for days, feeling tired and unmotivated. My plan from tomorrow is to do the quick easy jobs first and hope that it’ll make me so pleased with myself I’ll feel motivated to get on with the harder ones.

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  2. As others have said, housework sadly isn’t going anywhere. pay the bills and then one thing at a time. And make sure you eat the cake in between! If a cleaning fairy does happen to visit you overnight, please send her my way once she is finished with your place! 🙂

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  3. When I feel I am behind, as much as it bugs me, the housework can wait and so tackle some of the others and reward yourself with cake, while sat outside, with the view you have. Don’t forget that mug of tea with the cake.

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  4. I agree that housework can wait. It’s hard making decisions when your brain won’t function properly. I only made the bed initially and felt a sense of achievement in that. It was that basic. Took me a few years but my ability to cope gradually came back. Lists are good. Try ticking one thing off a day. That’s good enough. Sending you love and a virtual hug for your bereavement journey. You’re doing fine, keep going. Tx

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  5. With a list that long, I’d just start with the 1st and work my way down. Often, when there’s just so much I don’t know where to start, I stop analysing and just begin with one. Trust me, it’ll all work out.

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      1. Or you could try the patchwork route – do a bit of this and a bit of that each day. That’s basically my rehabilitation therapy for workaholism. A bit of gardening, a bit of cleaning, a bit of cooking… well maybe not a bit, a whole chunk of it….. and some laundry work… all makes up my day now. When you look back over the day, enough’s got done.

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  6. Life’s responsibilities can become overwhelming at the worse of times. Rewriting that list in order of priority of need would be a good start. Ticking them off one by one as you get each task done is another matter. Is there any task that Hawklad can do?

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