There are some problems that are beyond the human mind and there are many questions beyond the muppet dad mind. I’m not talking the deep metaphysical stuff. Not talking cosmology. I’m talking about those run of the mill problems.

How to set the timer on the microwave,

Why don’t I put a long sleeve shirt on when pulling up nettles,

Why did I pick Newcastle United to support,

Why do I keep putting clothes into the dishwasher,

Having bought at least 20 tablet pens, why can I never find just one when I need it,

Why do you only get holes in the socks that are still matching pairs,

Why does my mobile phone never hit the ground when it has its protective case on,

Where do all those batteries I buy end up hiding,

Why do I always miss my mouth while drinking hot chocolate and when I’ve got a white shirt on…..

But most perplexing of all to me is what is the best way to get into a beanbag. Remember I have a ‘not what it was’ type of body. Do I lower myself in using the adjacent furniture. Do I roll into it as if I’m a giant sausage roll. Or do I fall into it like a skydiver with a defective parachute. It’s all beyond me. Especially when I’m trying to get into the beanbag while carrying a cup of decaf coffee and an iPad. So far that has priced beyond me. I’ve even tried putting the coffee cup down next to the beanbag before trying to sit down. All that achieved was me kicking it all over the floor in the maelstrom that was my beanbag entry.

It’s all beyond me….

57 thoughts on “Beyond me

  1. Yes! Such a great question. If you ever figure it out I would love to know lol. My son has one in his room, I stay away from it mainly because I don’t think I can get out of it lol. 🤣🤣

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  2. Well put. I think it’s a universal problem. If I ever got myself into a beanbag (which I believe would be impossible) I would never be able to get out. They might have to hire a crane to do it. And talking of batteries. I knew I had quite a few, but I had no idea where they were. I finally found them. When I counted them I had 17 AA and 14 AAA batteries. I think I kept forgetting I had some and would buy more thinking I needed them. I don’t have that many things I use batteries for. But now I can’t find my charger for my camera battery. Oh, dear, ain’t life fun? 🙂

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  3. Best way to protect your phone is not take the case off. I gave my old phone to a neighbor who complained about breaking phones because she never bought a case. The last time I saw my old phone she had taken the indestructible and expensive Otterbox Defender case off it. (Face palm). As for tablet pens, does your tablet have a case that holds a pen? Just asking because my hubby’s fairly new iPad case has a pen holder, but he doesn’t have a pen for it. (I was assuming by tablet pen, this was what you meant). But then again, one person’s logical solutions are another man’s just one more thing to have to remember.

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  4. {{{giggles}}} Love the idea of ‘clothes into the dishwasher’ as that’s very Uncle Buck. Who still wears pairs of socks? Come on BABASP, you’re better than that. As I told my boy yesterday, get a man bag (he gave me [The Look]). As for the beanbag thing, there’s one at work. How do I get in? I make sure there’s an audience, I giggle, then count out loud “1. 2. 3” and leap in, then roll out laughing hard, all the time believing that one day it will be a magnificent firework of balls!!!

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  5. The answer to most is that you are distracted, also it’s life…happens to us all. The socks…you need to buy six pairs all the same and work your way through them, or wear odd socks…who cares? I once discovered I had my boots on the wrong feet but I was outside the supermarket, so I just went in and did the shopping, giggling and snorting so everyone thought I was mad. Beanbags…I haven’t been in one of those since my 20’s….are they worth it?

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  6. I love these life questions! I share many of them. What a great post and smile for the soul today my friend. 💚❤️💛 I try to sit everywhere with coffee in hand (or is it because I always have coffee in my hand?) ha. Plopping down is great IF the beads are balanced. Hitting the floor if the beads are dispersed inadequately hurts. Rolling into is is always an option. Then have an offspring bring you your coffee! ☕️🤗❤️❤️


  7. Your beanbag dilemma is interesting. I’m short, so getting in isn’t an issue. Getting out, on the other hand, is a problem if there isn’t a table nearby


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