So our most viable plan of getting Hawklad out into the big bad world went up in smoke. And I mean up in smoke.

We are kinda back to the drawing board again. There isn’t another BK drive through in the area. Yes there are a couple of small BKs but they are a nightmare to get to, miles away and as he has never been inside them. So they aren’t really a viable option. He dislikes the other big burger restaurant chain. That’s definitely a Big Fat MacNoWay. He once went to a KFC but asked if they had anything else apart from Chicken. He likes pizza but has never found a pizza restaurant he is comfortable in. He will use the Taco Bell drive through but even before the pandemic hated the feel of the inside seating setup.

So we just don’t know what the new plan b will be. What’s that thing we can aim for. The benchmark to assess progress. We do need something, just don’t know what is now.

23 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. I’ve been giving this some thought today. I have an idea which may help, or may be not a good option at all. My friend (who home schools and is terrified of Covid) and I, plus all our assorted neuro divergent children, sometimes go on walks on the Wolds. I think you live not too far from us. Perhaps you could join us at an appropriate distance where your son could feel safe? Would he be able to tolerate that, do you think?


  2. Movie theater? I can’t remember if you guys ever did movies. And concerts for sure.

    I don’t like sit down meals at restaurants either and I’m not autistic nor do I have anxiety.

    Is there a shop that Hawklad was semi-okay going into with you before COVID?

    You guys will figure it out. You always find a way… together!💌💌💌


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