“You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ & then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens.”

That’s Tyrone Mings, a member of the England Football Team standing up to the Government. That’s the thing we have a national Football Team that has players who have principles. Who are prepared to stand up for what is right. And a Government without principles or any moral compass. A manager of the England Football Team who makes a stand for multiculturalism and inclusiveness. Yet we have Prime Minister whose language is frequently racist, sexist and homophobic.

There is so much ugliness, intolerance and hatred in my country. It starts from the top. A Prime Minister who fuels hatred and division. Feeds off it. Happy to back the extremists and bullies yet so quick to attack those taking a stand.

But it’s not too late. It can change. People can change it. Good people who care can change it for the better. We have to take a stand for what is right. We have to support those taking a stand. We have to reclaim our country from the bullies.

40 thoughts on “My country

  1. I don’t tune into football but I heard friends talk about this and so I read up on it. Truly disgusting behaviour and you are right, it starts at the top. Shame on the PM.

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    1. The elite are trained to be able to sound and look like they should be in charge. They close ranks. They are expected to help each other get and keep an important job, for their big houses, many holidays and to be able to do what the F they like, when they like and with whom they like. I believe they saying is “They can get away with murder!” They are trained. The untrained who fit in will be allowed if they tow the line. However the untrained might try to take a stand and the elite will find things to use against them or make some up or make fun of the good things being done and then and only then do we get a glimpse at the true nature of those in charge.

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  2. You have a hooligan problem too. The way the British fans behaved during this tournament was appalling. I am glad Britain didn’t win, you didn’t deserve it and that kind of behavior should not be rewarded. It’s sad, really. I mean… I love soccer…. but… it’s just soccer. Was I upset when we didn’t go all the way to the final, yes… but not in a million years would I act like that. 😦

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      1. They’ve been our arch enemies for my entire life but overnight the GOP went from hating them to embracing them. I think the hatred was excessive but so is a 180° change, virtually overnight!

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  3. “Green Street Hooligans” was a great movie, but not so great in real life.
    I still believe that the majority of people are decent and kind. They just get run over by the screaming bullies, and get apathetic. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to be apathetic if we want to put these bullies back where they belong… deep in a hole, or under a bridge with the rest of the ogres & trolls.

    You’ve got my vote for PM! (Presiding Muppet😘😂)

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