The one thing we have been careful about is not putting deadlines on the way forward. Somethings can’t be rushed. They have to happen in their own time frames especially as there are so many roadblocks out there. Especially when you get days where it’s one step forward and two back. That applies to my life just as much as it applies to Hawklad’s.

But it feels like a deadline is forming. The start of September. That sees the beginning of the new school year. But it’s different this year. His subject options have been picked. He is starting the final 21 month push towards his main exams. Fall behind now and it’s tough to catch up. This school year is hard enough even without anxieties and fears. Hard enough without having to worry about if it’s homeschooling or the classroom. Delaying a decision to return to the class adds so many complications. Hawklad would face the stress of returning to classes midway through the year. New classes. Different from the ones he left. Different faces. Established relationships and dynamics. That’s a real challenge for anyone but to someone with social anxieties, a nightmare.

Ideally September brings certainty. This is the start of how the learning and schooling goes until the exams. There shouldn’t be any sudden changes of approach. That’s why September feels like a deadline. A really tight deadline. Too tight. So many hurdles still to climb, so many bridges still to be rebuilt. Walking quiet country lanes although great progress is a million miles away from sitting without anxieties in overcrowded classrooms. Just under 8 weeks to do all that.

It’s also not much time to organise a full homeschooling approach leading to something meaningful for him.

Yes it feels like a deadline approaching fast.

20 thoughts on “Deadline

  1. And of course the end of term goodbye is all part of the process isnt it? And lots have missed that!

    Our children in Surrey- as I’m sure other schools do – move up into their new classes at the end of term – so my grand daughter has moved into year 1 from nursery this week. My grandson too has a new class. Its to help them not be worried all over the summer. I’m sure it helps little ones.

    But perhaps Hawklad needs a buddy? Someone he can go into school with, a familiar face. Smaller classes are a must arnt they? But can the school provide this? Is there a parents group who’s son/daughter would offer to do that with him. Ànd more importantly – would he accept it?

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  2. All you can do is aim for the deadline but reserve the clause that if it turns out to be too much, Hawklad doesn’t have to go back. But that makes it hard for you to be prepared for your part. It’s a very tough situation but you will get through it, one way or another.


  3. Flippin Nora BABASP, you really are into being stressed over things aren’t yer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you want guilt then get a past and if you want fear then get a future, but to be awesome you have to breathe peacefully in the here and now, oh and laugh a lot.


      1. 👕 👖 The books I recommended 👕 👖 make it quite clear 👕 👖 about 👕 👖 the danger 👕 👖 of blending in. 👕 👖


  4. Maybe I missed that part but why are the classes put together anew? Don’t they leave the classes together until the final exam? Or are the classes put together regarding the choices of subjects?


  5. If his friends are in different classes, what’s the point in going back to the school? I thought that was the main draw… seeing his friends?
    The looming decision is adding stress & making the anxiety worse.
    Do you think Hawklad would secretly prefer it if you just told him he’s staying home?

    Okay, I’m gonna hush now🤐 I’ve said it a million times already😂


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