Kids don’t try this…..

Lack of sleep does strange things to the mind and body. It took me 30 minutes into a yoga session before that the odd sensation I was experiencing was attributed to me putting on my compression shorts back to front. If only it stopped there.

I decided I needed a milky and sweet coffee to get me going. The sugar is next to the kettle. So what sleep induced madness sent me to the cupboard. Made me reach out and grab a large bag. Open that bag. Carefully add two spoonfuls of the white powder into my drink. Then stir and stir. Rather puzzled at the enfolding congealed mess. Then taste what was clearly something approaching wallpaper paste.

Only a lack of sleep ends with self raising flour being added to coffee.

Well at least it cut down on the calories…..

59 thoughts on “Don’t do this

      1. Dry? dry? oh my word you eat it out the box don’t you and is it you who takes out all the dry strawberry pieces and doesn’t tie the inside up or close the outer box? Mmm? mmm? is it you? 🤨

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      2. That YouTube I put on the comment above, well not everything there makes me giggle or even titter in the slightest, but skip to 2:54 and the cheese, oh yes my friend the cheese made me {{{chuckle}}} hard.

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      1. Alone is different ta lonely. For in being alone there can be peace and joy in many beautiful, 🌼 natural 🕊 things. Missin out can feel lonely and that can happen anywhere. It can be around folk, where fear 😧 and not being a part of the rushing about 😬 can all roll into one suddenly and without warning, then there’s a feeling of lonely. Maybe at places of work, where masks hide ur smiles, there could be the occasional nod or a two thumbs up and that might help wi that.

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      2. p.s. I saw a T shirt that had a big bit o’ cheese on it wi’ a face and a cheese grater wanting a hug. Sadly, I think we can all now relate to that piece of cheese 🧀 while there’s still a chance of covid.

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  1. Ugh, that must have been vile! My mum once had friends over for coffee and gave them what she thought was granulated light brown sugar in their coffee but it turned out to be couscous.

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