The farmer has been busy…..

But one question. Why is this one all alone…..

No one likes to be the odd one out. Or is it in the ‘roll down the hill competition’ one clever hay bale has picked the better racing line. I certainly would need a mighty fine racing line to win any race. The pinnacle of my athletics career was at school. For some reason in the inter schools tournament I had been picked for three events.

Cross Country – that was purely on the basis that in the school trials most of the other boys absconded just after the start and headed for the sea front amusements. I didn’t abscond but I did manage to get lost. However that feat still got me a place on the team as unbelievably getting lost still got me third place. Yes it was a rough school…..

Shot Put – I was the sole representative from the school as I was the only boy apparently trusted to not use the heavy ball as a weapon…..

And then there was the 100 yard sprint (not metres as the caretaker didn’t have a metric measuring tape). Can’t remember what possessed the teacher to pick me as I have the acceleration of a sleeping snail who has been superglued to the floor. We practiced starts and I remember the teacher screaming at us to remember to ‘GO on the B of the Bang from the starter gun’. I never found out how the school got hold of a gun – I assume it was confiscated from a pupil…… The three boy sprint team became a finely drilled starting unit. Unfortunately on the day of the school tournament, the sprint was started with a whistle and us three boys just stood there like lemons as the competitors from other schools raced across the finishing line.

At least I was not stood alone ….

AND I’m not alone as a single parent. Currently there is something like 2.8 million other single parents in the UK. I’m also not alone in being a widow. 6.4% of the UK population are widowed.

28 thoughts on “Hay

  1. I think being a single parent is awesome. You’re doing a fantastic job, understanding all the issues your son has and working with them. My elder is a single mom too and she is doing a wonderful job.


  2. Some times, you just need some alone time, even if you’re a hay bale. I don’t run, I do well to walk without tripping, I can only imagine the damage I could do to myself if I attempted to run. I agree with SADJE, I think you are doing a fantastic job.


  3. That lone bale of hay? If no one wants it please ship it to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Much of the hay crop was destroyed in the super-heated drought we had this year. My horses are going to be hungry.


  4. As so often you make a sound point from a pertinent photograph and an apt story. (I always got medals in school sports because I couldn’t sprint and no more than two others fancied the throwing events}


  5. Doughnuts like this always remind me of my Mum now as I remember her standing by the window watching ‘the doughnut machine’ in the field opposite.
    I am wondering though if this lone hay roll is Steve’s brother. Did you not have one on one of your walks last year and called it ‘Steve’?


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